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Yin Jun

Chinese, b. 1974


Born in Sichuan Province in 1974, Yin Jun received his first art lesson from his older brother. After just four years of painting experience, Yin began showing his work internationally. Many of his works has been exhibited at the 12th Beijing International Art Exposition, Art Amsterdam 2007, and Spoon Art Fair 2012.

Yin Jun's works often depict family units and siblings and have been wholeheartedly embraced by in­ternational collectors and admirers alike. In his intimate style, Yin Jun dynamically airs the consequences and ensu­ing emotions associated with our increasingly demanding and materialistic society. The oppressed and weak cry out through mesmerising childish faces, baring to others their dreams, frustrations, and hopes as they unleash

pent-up feelings. At first, onlookers cannot help but smile as they gaze at the comical, even satirical caricatures. Soon, a deeper meaning becomes apparent. Tears leap through the air and

stream from eyes; mouths open wide in phantasms of abundant expressions, potently conveying the painter's unvarnished, invaluable voice. 

  • Yin Jun is famous for painting crying babies with a strong visual effect. 

  • He paints babies with round heads, huge mouths, and large teardrops with expressive and ex­aggerating gestures.

  • Gained international attention by partici­pating art fairs in over 10 major cities worldwide. 

  • Participated in international exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Korea, Taiwan, Swit­zerland, Netherlands, U.S., etc. 

  • Featured on BBC news "When art collect­ing can mean big money", August 2011. 

  • Had a highest record of US$48,912 in 2007 for Crying sold at Christie's, London. 

Educations and Background


Graduated from the Deyang Fine Arts Academy 

Solo Exhibitions


Yin Jun Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong


Yin Jun Solo Exhibition, PATA Gallery, Shanghai, China


Weeping Force, PATA Gallery


Yin Jun Solo Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yin Jun Solo Exhibition, Seoul, South Korea 

Yin Jun Solo Exhibition, Taiwan 


Alternative Artists - Yin Jun Solo Exhibition, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions


Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

Asia Hotel Art Fair 2015, Hong Kong


Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong 


Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong 


Spoon Art Fair 2012, Hong Kong

Splendid Ethics 2 - Self Generation, Seoul, South Korea


PATA Gallery Shanghai Opening Exhibition, Shanghai, China


Korea Jeju Museum of Modern Art Exhibition, South Korea 

Yin Brothers Exhibition, Taiwan

Yin Brothers Exhibition, South Korea

Songzhuang Generation, Beijing, China


Road on the way, Beijing, China

Out of Songzhuang Beijing Exhibition Tour, Beijing, China

International Gallery Exposition 2007, Beijing, China

International Gallery Exposition 2007, Seoul, South Korea 

Mirror, Fable and Lie, Beijing, China 

Wall Wall - Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Beijing, China 

British Contemporary Exhibition, UK

Art House, The Netherlands


Union in Sometime,Beijing Space Gallery, China

Art Beijing 2006, Agriculture Museum of China, Beijing, China


Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China

No and - Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Beijing, China

Exhibition of contemporary professional artists, Jen Gallery,

Beijing, China 

Songzhuang, Kerseboom Gallery, The Netherlands

Kunstrai 2006, The Netherlands 

Gallery Exposition (Art London Station), UK 

Kunstai 2006 Holland Art Fair, The Netherlands

Songzhuang, Kerseboom Gallery, The Netherlands

Exhibition of Contemporary Professional  Artists,Jen Gallery,

Beijing, China 


The 1st Beijing Songzhuang Art Festival, Beijing, China

The 12th China Beijing International Art Fair, Beijing, China

Young Artists Exhibition, Beijing, China

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