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Lin Hai Rong

Chinese,b. 1975


Born in Heilongiiang in 1975, Lin Hai Rong graduated from Fine Arts Department of Henan Normal University. She later gained a post graduate degree from Sichuan Fine Arts lnsti­tute. As a winner of the prize for excellence in the Dragonair Emerging Artist Awards, Lin Hairong has continuously earned international attention. Lin Hairong's paintings por­tray a profound sense of peace. She especially manages well the compositions in her paintings in order to create the serenity and harmony of life. Most of Lin Hairong's works are based on flat painting, depicted in subdued tone. Lin is fond of creating a hazy mood and very often both the char­acters and the backgrounds are painted with great details­so soft, feminine and delicate. Her paintings are often shown in a variety of poses with influences from cultural­revolutionary image and other Chinese and western histori­cal sources. Lin's world is full of gentle humour, her playful­ness and energy is revealed through her child-like figures with their distinctive small and slanted eyes. 

I am the worst commentator on my own paintings. Painting is a part of my life or at the very least an emotional outlet. Life, hobbies, recreations, friends, old memories...Things that I see, feel, miss, and hope for are the inspiration of my paintings.

Lin Hairong is a young and recognized female artist with great potentials, known for painting Chinese women in a simple background. We particularly appreciate her precise use of lines and colours. 

Lin Hairong is the award-winner for excel­lence in the Dragonair Emerging Artist Awards in 2006. Has an auction record price of HK$2 l l,200 for Das Schweigen in 2008. 


Lin Hairong's artworks have been exhib­ited internationally which includes Hong Kong, Belgium, Zurich... and many major cities

within China like Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Liaoning,

Nanjing, Chong­qing. 


Has had exposure at major art fairs, such as Scope Art Fair in

New York, Arts & An­tiques Fair in Brussels and Art HK. 

Education and Background


Graduated from Fine Arts Department of Henan Normal University 


Earned a post-graduate degree from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute 

Solo Exhibitions


Idol, Longmen Art Projects, Shanghai, China 


Alluring Figures, Lin Hai Rong Solo Exhibition, Longmen Art

Projects, Shanghai 


A Slow Song - Lin Hairong 2012 Oil Paintings Exhibition, Longmen Art Projects, Shanghai 


A Year in the Life of.., - Lin Hai rong Solo Exhibition, SHiNE Art Space, Shanghai 

Fragments of Time, China Today Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


Lin Hairong Solo Exhibition, SHiNE Art Space, Shanghai 


Attitudes, China Today Gallery,Brussels, Belgium 

Lin Hairong Solo Exhibition, Art Scene China, Shanghai 

Group Exhibitions


Humanistic Relife - The Small Sized Arts Oils Collections, Chongqing, China


Walking with Heduoling, Wins Hare The New, Chengdu, China 


Wall Art Festival, Sino Ocean Taikoo Li Wall Art 

Encounters, Chongqing ING Gallery


Whispering & Crooning, The Gallery, Shanghai 

Art Expo Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia

New Academic Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Luohu Art Museum 


The Time Restart, Beijing Chongli 


Relay to the West - Works by Professors and Students from the Fine Arts Academy of Chongqing Normal University, Chongqing Normal University Fine Arts Academy Museum, Chongqing 

Perfect Match - Invitational Exhibition of Female Artists from the South, Blueroof Museum, Chengdu.

Group Exhibitions


Link, Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai 


Art HK 08, Hong Kong


Animamix: From Modernity to Eternity (Shanghai eARTS Festival), MoCA, Shanghai 

Moli, Artseason Gallery, Zurich 

Distinction, SHiNE Art Space, Shanghai 

Difference, Diversity - New Era Young Artists invitation Exhibition, Shin Hwa Gallery, Hong Kong 

Young Artists Group Exhib巾on, Tank Loft, Chongqing 

After a Later Time, Art Hunting Gallery, Chongqing 

Art Is A Vocation - 2007 Southwest China Contemporary Art Studio Exhibition, Mona Lee Art Center, Shanghai 

Scope New York, New York

Arts & Antiques Fair, Brussels

With The Same Felling - Exhibition for Contemporary Artist of New Generation, K Gallery, Chengdu 


Art Beijing, Beijing 

Up & Rising, SHiNE Art Space, Shanghai

Group Exhibition - Young artists from Sichuan, Nanjing 

Individual Rights - Group Exhibition of Young Artists, Shanghai 


The Third Annual Exhibition of Post Graduate Students from the Sichuan  Fine Arts Institute, Sichuan 

Art Court - National Exhibition of Fin Art Students, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Liaoning 


The Second Annual Exhibition of Post Graduate Students from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Sichuan 

Dragon Air Fine Arts Competition of New Age

Chinese Artists, Shanghai


The Ninth Annual Exhibition of Oil Paintings Department, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Sichuan.

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