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Luo Brothers

Chinese, b. 1963, 1964, 1972 


The three Luo Brothers, Luo Wei Dong, Luo Wei Guo and Luo Wei Bing make works on paper, lacquer on wood panel, carved wood panels and statues out of lacquered resin. In all cases the works are riotous creations of kitsch. These works come from the side of the oriental nature that loves the bright lights and red lanterns that adorn every Chinese restaurant and city at festival time. The peasant handicrafts contain masses of multi-coloured flowers and fat babies that are meant to bring prosperity and success. Given this as their starting point, the three brothers have added the symbols of the new consumerism now omnipres­ent in their country as well as the symbols of the communist revolution into which they were born. 

The Luo Brothers have had solo shows in Paris, Sydney and Hong Kong and have participated in many significant international group shows at venues in the UK, Australia, Brazil, USA, France & China. 

Invited by the Red Mansion Foundation to participate in the exhibition Dream 02, supported by Visiting Arts, which brought together the works of 24 artists from mainland China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. 

Have works in the permanent collection of the Chinese Contemporary Gallery, Bei­jing, M+ Museum, Hong Kong. 

Had an auction record of US$50,295 (HK$392,301) in 2011. 

Had an auction record of US$250,000 (HK$1.95m) set for 'Welcome to the World Famous Brand' set at Sotheby's in New York. 

Education and Background

Luo Wei Dong


Graduated from Guanxi Art College

Luo Wei Guo


Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 

Luo Wei Bing


Graduated from College Art & Design



The poster welcome was selected By the 2006 Germany

Football World Cup 


Denver Art Museum 

Fukuoka Art Museum

San Francisco Museum

Cartier Foundation

New South Wales Museum

Annie Wong Aft Foundation

Uli Sigg

Solo Exhibitions


Luo Brothers "The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 60th Anniversary" Art Exhibition, The Museum of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China 


Welcome Luo Brothers Solo Exhibition, Beijing


Welcome Luo Brothers Solo Exhibition, Beijing 


Luo Brothers Solo Exhibition, Dolores de Sierra Gallery, Spain


Luo Brothers Solo Exhibition, New York, USA 


Luo Brothers Solo Exhibition, Florence, Italy 


Luo Brothers Solo Exhibition, Jing Yi Xuan Gallery, Hong Kong


Luo Brothers Solo Exhibition, Loft Gallery, Paris, France 

Luo Brothers Solo Exhibition, Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney, Australia 


Luo Brothers Lacquer Painting Exhibition, Jing Yi Xuan Gallery, Hong Kong 


Luo Brothers Solo Exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland 


Injury of Ostentation, Solo Exhibition, Beijing Arts Museum, Beijing 

Group Exhibitions


"Unbounded" Approaching The History of Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sea Art Museum, Weihai, Shandong, China 


Second Nanjing International Art Exhibition, Nanjing 


Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Peace Gallery, Beijing 

New Cultural Identity - Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art , Chinese Cultural Center of Sydney 

Facebook era-Contemporary Art Exhibition 11 +3 edition, Xian 

Aberrant Image - 21 Space Featured Artists,
Dongguan, Guangdong, 

First China - Czech contemporary art, Beijing 


"Shape" new figurative sculpture exhibition, Guangdong Dongguan 

The First China ASEAN Art Biennial, Guangxi Nanning 

Chinese dream -  China contemporary art group
exhibition, Singapore 


Elite dialogue 2012 Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition, Beijing 


Contemporary Art Exhibition of Dalian, Dalian 


The National Gallery "thing" in the visual arts, America Luis Anna Lafayette, Hilliard Gallery American

Reshaping history from 2000 to 2009 China new art, National Convention Centre 

Group Exhibitions


Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Boston Peabody Essex Museum, USA 

Chinese Printing Exhibition, Ethan Cohen Art Museum, USA 

History Images - 2009 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Art Museum 

China Time Log - China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Finland  Art Museum, Finland 

History Images - 2009 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hubei Art Museum 

China Time Log - China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Finland Art Museum, Finland

History Images - 2009 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hubei Art Museum

Chinese Printing Exhibition (Summer), Ethan Cohen Art
Museum, USA

China Avant - Garde, Ethan Cohen Art Museum, USA

Blend - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing Contemporary
Art Museum

Beijing Havana - New China Contemporary Art Revolution, The

National Museum, Cuba


Beijing - Athens, Contemporary Art from China Athens, Greece

3'15, Let's Consume1, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing


Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Moscow, Russia

Air Fair Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

RED HOT, Houston, USA

China International Art Gallery Exposition, Beijing 

Exhibition of the Shuino Union, Songzhuang, Beijing 

Opening of The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing 

More Yum Cha, Sydney, Australia

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Mayor Gallery, London


Made in China, Open Gallery, London 


RADAR. Denver Art Museum

Food and Desire, Beijing 

CHINESE VANGUARD, Galerie Dolores de Sierra, Spain 

Ten Years of Chinese Contemporary, Chinese Contemporary Chinese Contemporary Art - Sigg's Collection, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Germany 


Chinese Contemporary Art Review Exhibition, Xin Dong Cheng

Space, Beijing 

Art Chicago, Chicago, USA 

Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland 

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ray Hughes Gallery,
Sydney, Australia

Mahjong, Sigg's Collection Exhibition Nepal, Switzerland 


Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Jakarta, Indonesia 

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, St. Paul, Brazil 

China-France Culture Year Exchange Exhibition, Paris, France 


Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, London, England 

Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland 


Belgium Ullens Spouse Paintings Collection Exhibition, Pierre Cardin Hall,  Paris, France 

Fine arts exhibition of the tenth anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between People Republi of China and Republic of Korea, Seoul, Korea 

Cartier Art Collection Exhibition, Paris, France 

China New Pop Art, Sydney, Australia

Melbourne Expo, Melbourne, Australia

International Painting for Decoration, Advertising, Posters 

exhibition, Paris Louvre Palace, France 

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, St. Paul, Brazil 

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sydney, Australia 

Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland 

Chicago Art Expo, Chicago, USA 

Let's - World Cup of Chinese Contemporary Artist, Gallery of China 

Millennium Terrace, Beijing 


Popular Art Exhibition.Cartier Art Foundation, Paris, France 

The Asia New Artist Exhibition, Loft Galerie, Paris, France 

China-Belgium Culture Exchange Exhibition, Brussel, Belgium

Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland 

Chicago Art Expo, Chicago, USA 


The New Face of China, Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney, Australia 

The New Face of China, Ray Hughes Gallery, Melbourne, Australia 

Sydney Art Biennale, Sydney, Australia


Ouh, la, la, Kitsch!, Teda Contemporary Art Museum, Tianjin 

Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland 

San Francisco Modern Museum Collection Exhibition, USA 

Fukuoka Art Museum Collection Exhibition, Fukuoka, Japan

New York Time Millennium Exhibition, New York, USA 

1998 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Teda contemporary

Art Museum, Tianjin 

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Lehanna Ma Gallery,

New York 

24th Sao Paulo International Art Biennale, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

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