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Zheng De Long 

Chinese, b. 1976


Born in 1976 in Chengdu, Zheng De Long is a self-taught artist who has worked himself up the ladder, becoming a recognised artist in both primary and secondary markets. All artists are philosophers, and Zheng De Long is no exception. During his process of brainstorming his message conveyed in his works, self-reflecting led him to study the topic of desire'. Therefore he started painting skulls, which associate fear of death and desires. He believes why he

possessed much desires was because he was fear of death at that time when he first earned recognitions. Because death marks an end to his success and parts him from his belongings.

Zheng De Long is very conscientious about every single piece he paints, therefore he presents them differently in terms of form, colours and perspectives. In his earlier works created in 2007 through 2009, he used more vibrant and vivid colours because the idea of desire and death was more profound and clear. Later from 2009 onwards, he was more fond of using pastel colours such as light purple, pink and fancy yellow. His study on desire and death

became more subtle.

Zheng De Long's skulls resemble Damien Hurst's most prominent work, "For the love of God", a human skull recreated in platinum and adorned with diamonds with an asking price of US$ l 00mm. 

Has achieved an auction record of US$47,927 (HK$373,829) in 2007. 

Has had solo exhibitions in major cities worldwide such as Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Jakarta, Singapore and London. Has participated in over 30 group exhibitions including major art fairs like Art Basel (Basel), Asia Art Exhibition (London), ARCO (Madrid),Art Miami Beach, CIGE (Beijing), Asian Contemporary Art (Salzburg), Seoul International Art Fair (Seoul), Taipei International Art Fair (Taipei), Shanghai International Art Fair, CIGE (Beijing), etc. Collected by private international art con­noisseurs and public collection include The Yuz Foundation and Hotel Eclat Bei­png. 

Solo Exhibitions


Zheng De Long Solo Exhibition, Galerie Pierre Levy, Paris, France 


Zheng De Long Solo Exhibition, A2Z Art Gallery, Paris, France 


Zheng De Long Solo Exhibition, Gallery Beijing Space 


Zheng De Long Tour Solo Exhibitions, Han Ji Yun Contemporary Space, Beijing

Eslite Xin-Yi Store, Taipei, Taiwan

Gallery Hakgjae, Seoul, Korea


Collision, Vanessa Art Link, Jakarta, Indonesia 


Vigor, Ohyvia Oriental, London, UK

Onflow, Soobin Gallery, Singapore 

Melt. 1918 Art Space, Shanghai 

Group Exhibitions


Art HK, Hong Kong 

Brilliant Ethics, Seoul

Modern, Beijing 

CIGE Beijing, Beijing 

Original (Painting) History, K Gallery, China 

Micro Figure, Magnificent Scenery, L -Art Gallery, China 

Sketch Invitation Exhibition,Re-C Art Space, China 


Cloud Shadow, Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art 

Art Paris, Grand Palais, France

Collection World, Wenxuan Museum, China 

Belgium Contemporary Art Fair, Belgium 

Group Exhibitions


Lost World, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai 

Asia, Andrew James Art, Shanghai

International Workshop 2010, Denmark

Visible Part, Chengdu 


Dialogue of Contemporary Art Between Chengdu &
Qingdao, Chengdu 

Tribe, Songzhuang Art Centre 

Pole Extension, Qisheng Art Centre

CIGE Beijing, Beijing 


Lovely Blossoms and Full Moon, Jakarta, Indonesia 

Crossroads, Singapore

Opera Gallery Art Stage Singapore, Singapore

Seoul International Art Fair, Seoul

Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei

Shanghai International Art Fair, Shanghai 

Art Beijing, Beijing 

Asian Contemporary Art, Salzburg, Austria 

Love3 - New Media Art, Chengdu 

Go Game, Beijing, German Embassy, Beijing 

Art Basel, Switzerland

CIGE Beijing, Beijing

2007 Three Languages, three colors, UM Gallery, Seoul 

Art Beijing, Beijing

Art Miami - Contemporary Art and Design, Miami 

Who we are, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai 

The Conquerors from Asia, Hong Kong Opera Gallery 

Art Stage Singapore, Singapore 

The International Art+ Design Fair, New York 

The International Asian Art Fair, New York 

Art Miami - Contemporary Art and Design, Palm Beach, USA 

Korea International Art Fair, Seoul 

Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei 

Guizhou Biennale, Guizhou

2006 Made in China, Opera Gallery, London, UK 

Asia Art Exhibition, London, UK 

Art London, London, UK 

2006 Course Rest, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai 

Tempt, Olyvia Oriental, London, UK 

Fresh Spirit, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai 

Seven Artists in Sichuan, Aomei Art Space, Beijing

ARCO, Madrid, Spain 


Art Singapore, Singapore


Ten Artists in Chengdu, Shanghai


Multi-angle of view, Shanghai

Canvas Exhibiton in Chengdu, Chengdu

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