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Chen Yu

Chinese, b. 1968


Chen Yu was born in Guizhou Province in 1969. 

Graduated from the Engraving Depart­ment of the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1993. 

Chen Yu is the middle child of the talent­ed Chen family, which also includes older sister Yu Chen and younger broth­er Chen Li, both are artists. 

Chen Yu was a Top 30 Finalist for the Sov­ereign Art Foundation in 2005. 

Notably participated in the renowned traveling group Museum show, CHINaRT curated by Walter Smerling (2002-2004) in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Spain and Poland. 

Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including Men in Line Series sold at Sotheby' s Hong Kong at HKD583,500 and HKD487,500 with estimate of HKD l 00,000-150,000.

Educations and Background 


Born in Guizhou Province, China


Graduated from the Engraving Deportment of the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts 

Currently work and live in Beijing

Solo Exhibitions


"Three of Us" Joint Exhibition, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China

Chen Yu Mini Solo Exhibition, Art Futures Group, Hong Kong


"An Eye for An Eye" Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong


"One Eye Opened And One Eye Closed" Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong

Group Exhibitions


Harbour Art Fair, Marco Polo Hotel, Hong Kong


1st Shanxi Art Festival, Trnyuan Art Museum, Shanxi, China

KIAF 2017 Art Seoul, COEX, Seoul

"A Charismatic Room Or A Fake Dolly Carnival" M'room Art

Project l, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China

2017 Art Stage Singapore,Marina Bay Sands Convention

Centre, Singapore


2016 Art Stage Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore


"The Chen Family" Yu Chen, Chen Yu, Chen Lion Joint Exhibition, Hong Kong

2014 Nanjing "Woking Dream" Arts Exhibition, Nanjing, Chino


2013 Snow Mountain Art Festival, Lijiang, Yunnan, China


"LATITUDE/ATTITUDE " Schoeni 20th Anniversary Exhibition,
Hong Kong

The 1st Xinjiang Contemporary Art Biennale, Urumqi, China


Images of Women IX, Hong Kong


Chen Brothers Exhibitlion,Hong Kong


"Round Five" Group Exhibition, Beijing, China

"Fashion's Night Out" Vogue & Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Beijing, Chino

Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China


The Chinese Approach, Chicogo,USA

"The Chen Family" Yu Chen, Chen Yu, Chen Lion Joint Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, Chino

Hong Kong ArtWolk, Hong Kong


"Re-Collection" A Retrospective Look at 15 Years of Art & Vision, Schoeni Art Gallery's 15th Anniversary Exhibition, Hong Kong

2007 Art Beijing, Beijing, China

2007 Art London, London, United Kingdom

Hong Kong ArtWolk, Hong Kong

Group Exhibitions


"The Chen Family" Yu Chen, Chen Yu, Chen Lion Joint
Exhibition, Hong Kong

"Beyond the Convos" Art Project with Shanghai Tang, Hong Kong

2006 Art Miami, Miami Beach Convention Center, USA

Mi Art, 11th International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair,

Milan, Italy

2006 Art Beijing, Beijing, China

Hong Kong ArtWalk, Hong Kong


"Scent of a Woman", Escodo, Beijing, Shanghai and
Hong Kong, China

The 2nd Chino International Gallery Exposition, Beijing, China

Hong Kong ArtWalk, Hong Kong


"Through the Artists' Eyes" A Tribute to Manfred Schoeni,

Hong Kong

ChinArt, Contemporary Chinese Art, Bydgoszcz, Poland

ChinArt, Contemporary Chinese Art, Palmo de Mollorco, Spain

Hong Kong ArtWolk, Hong Kong


"Open Your Eyes" Chen Yu and Yu Chen Joint Exhibition,

Bangkok, Thailand

Hong Kong ArtWalk, Hong Kong


ChinArt, Contemporary Chinese Art, Museum Kuppersmuhle Sommlung Grote, Duisburg, Germany

Museum Kuppersmuhle Sommlung Grote ChinArt, Contemporary Chinese Art, Museo d'Arte Contemporoneo Rome, Italy

ChinArt, Contemporary Chinese Art, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary

Hong Kong ArtWolk, Hong Kong

"Two-Man Exhibition" Chen Yu and Yang Jin Song Joint Exhibition, Hong Kong 

Contemporary Paintings by 33 Artists, Beijing, China 


"Replica" Group Exhibition, Beijing, China 

"Round Three" Group Exhi­bition, Beijing, China 


Guangzhou International Art Fair, Guangzhou, China 

Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan 


"Sharp Eye: Associated Exhibition for Artists Born in the 70' s" 

Joint Exhibition, Beijing & Shenzhen, China 

" Round Two " Group Exhibition, Beijing, China 

Shanghai International Art Fair, Shanghai, China 


"Round One" Group Exhibition, Beijing, China 

Capital Young Artists Invitation Exhibition, Beijing, China 


Excellent Young Artists' Works Exhibition, Beijing, China 


Group Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China 



30 Top Finalists, The Sovereign Art Foundation Art Prize 

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