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Wang Ai

Chinese,b. 1970s


Born in Huangyan, Zhejiang Province in November 1971, Wang Ai is a Chinese male artist, novelist and poet, who is influenced by his father and older brother to study art and poetry during his childhood and adolescence years.  


He began to publish poetry in the mid to late 1980s. In 1994, he moved to Beijing and lived in the Old Summer Artist Village, to pursue his poetry and painting. During the periods, he won the “Liu Li’an Poetry Award” and participated in editing in the folk Chinese poetry magazine "Standard" and "Poetic Art" in the 1990s; the novel’s author “Four Feet in The Sky”, “This Circle Does Not Talk About Love”, and a collection of short stories and novels “Celsius” Fifty Degrees, etc.; poetry collections "Soft Words", "Dream Summary" and long poems "Carnival", "Heroin Age".


After 2000, he wrote medium-sized long poem "South", etc.; his poems and novels were translated into Japanese, German, Italian, English, etc. 


He currently lives in Beijing and has painted more than ten articles in his painting collections which combines writing with painting. They consist of "Writing Painting", "Reconstruction", "Practitioner", "Hidden Wisdom", etc.

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