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Ma Han

Chinese, b. 1968


Born in Hunan province, China, Ma Han graduated from the department of Oil painting of the China National Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou. He started his artistic career as early as 1994 and has been actively participating in numerous renowned international art fairs such as Art HK, Dubai Art Fair, La Biennale di Venezia, etc.

Ma Han has witnessed the urban development and demolition

of Beijing's ancient city Hutongs(胡同), city walls and 20th Century edifices. Since 2009, he has made dust and debris from razed architectural structures the subject of his studies. In'Every Crush Isn't the Same' and'Crush City' series, he intends to bring about a rebirth of culture from the rubble. All of the materials in his collection of over 20 types of demolition materials include marble, stone, cement, red, and grey brick, river rock, glass and ceramics

have been manually transformed into a uniform shape and size, and by reusing the materials in a new light with a new perspective, he has created a diary of mourning of this city

Through his art, Ma Han wishes to make a connection between the demolished and the newly built, reminding us of the generational cycle of birth to destruction to rebirth.

Ma Han specialised in oil painting and started his mixed media projects since 2005. Has had over 40 international solo and group exhibitions in China, Japan, Germany, France, U.S., Switzerland, Italy, Russia and Dubai. Has participated in various internationally

recognized art fairs such as La Biennale di Venezia (2011), Art HK (2009) and Art Dubai (2008). Had an auction record price of

HK$489,382 (US$62,7 40) fetched at Sotheby's Hong Kong in 2008.

His work (White Collar and Pink Collar) was selected and highly promoted at the main entrance of Art HK 2009 and Art Stage Singapore 2016 respectively Popular amongst public and private art collectors which include Swire properties and Uli Sigg.

Educations and Background

1994 Graduated from the Department of Oil painting of the China National Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, China



Public Installation Art Project "Pink Collar" at Art Stage Singapore


Public Installation Art Project "White Collar" at Art HK 2009

Solo Exhibitions


From the depth of three feet underground to a height of three feet

above ground, MOUart, Beijing


Plant - Ma Han personal project, Action Space, Black Bridge, Beijing


The Exhibition of Mahan's Project, Sanlitun,
The Opposite House, Beijing


Permeating: A Visual Experience With No Place to Hide, Found

Museum, Beijing


Today's Landscape - From Ma Han, Sanshang Art Beijing Gallery


Pingyao International Photography Festival: Personal Exhibition,

Shanxi Pingyao

Floating - Ma Han Exhibition, Western Academy of Beijing


Ma Han Installation Exhibition, Exhibition Hall at China Academy

of Fine Art, Hangzhou

Group Exhibitions


Tongxi - The 3rd China International Art Forum & Exhibition on

Installation Art, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Art Stage Singapore, MBS Expo & Convention Centre


A Contemporary History Path by the West Lake, Sanshang Art Museum, Hangzhou


China International Installation Art Exhibition, Long
Museum, Shanghai

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Customs Museum 
Bordeaux, France

Commensalism: 2014 Meixihu Exhibition of International

Architecture, Hunan, Changsha

Memory of rhetoric - Italy Biennial, Beijing, Italy

Riverside district, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing


Spread -The 2th Da Tong International Biennale Exhibition of Sculptures, Da Tong Shan Xi

Group Exhibitions


Cold Encounter- Contemporary Art Exhibition, Soka Art, Beijing

The Fourth Guangzhou Triennial: First Round Project Exhibition,

Guangzhou Museum


Chinese Contemporary Art, Mairie 5, Paris, France

OPEN 14. International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations,

Lido, Venezia

The 54th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia

- Collateral Event-"Cracked Culture? the Quest for Identity in

Chinese Contemporary Art", Veezia, Italy


The Vibrant Art Concert - First Contemporary Art Exhibition,

Guangzhou Opera House

Nature of China, True Color Museum, Suzhou, Jiangsu

Trends in Hubei and Hunan - Chinese Contemporary Art in Hubei & Hunan1985-2009, Guangdong Art Museum

Hong Kong International Art Fair - Installations Exhibition, Exhibition

Center, Hong Kong


Escape, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Hypallage - The post-modern mode of Chinese contemporary art, Hua Museum, Shenzhen

Biennale d'Arte di, Sabbioneta, Italy

Unpack - Chinese Experimental Exhibition, China Academy of Art

Dialogues at Art Dubai, Contrasts Gallery in Dubai Art Fair

Rewind «Remix» Fast-Forward: Chinese Contemporary Art, Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai

China onward: the Estella Collection: Chinese contemporary art, 1996-2006, Louisiana Museum, Denmark/ Israel
Museum, Jerusalem 

China on Paper, 456 Gallery, New York 

Chinese Contemporary Social Art, The State Tretyakov
Museum, Moscow 


Contemporary Art from China, Marchina Arte contemporanea, Brescia, Italy 

Brescia Marchina Arte Crossover: Beyond Art & Design, Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai 

Made in China, Vecchiato Gallery, Padova, Italy 


From Jingdezhen to PVC, Chinese Contemporary Gallery, Beijing 

Dream Producers: The Imaginary Museum of Chinese Contemporary Art, Cheng Xindong Contemporary Art, Beijing 

China- Dynamics of the Public Space, L.A. Galerie Lothar Albrecht, Germany 


Art-Space-China, Schwaebisch Hall, Germany 

Distance, Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori, Japan 

The 1st Beijing Architecture Biennale, Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall, Beijing 

Asian factories, Bologna Museum of Contemporary Art, Italy 

One to One-Visions, Chambers Fine Arts, New York 

I like Lille,I like eating Lille, Lille Contemporary Art Center, France


Floating, Beijing


Beijing Ukiyoe : Beijing Tokyo Art Project, Tokyo Gallery, Beijing

The Long March: A Working Visual Display, Kunming 

Welcome China, Soardi Gallery, Nice; Miami, America 


Contemporary Chinese Art: Part II, Urs Meile Gallery, Switzerland 

Illuminator, China Art Archives Warehouse, Beijing 

Crossroad: Artistic Scheme on Urban Public Environment, Chengdu Modern Art Museum 

Disorientation - Photography and Video in China Today, Chambers Fine Art, New York 

New Jumping-Off Point, Artist Warehouse, Beijing 


Post Material - Interpretations of Everyday Life by Contemporary Chinese Artists, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing 

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