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Yang Qian

Chinese, b. 1959


Yang Qian was born in Chengdu, China, and is a member of the first generation of Contemporary artists from Mainland China. Yang attended the Sichuan Fine Art Institute from 1982 to 1984, before obtaining an MFA at the University of Florida, in the United States in 1988. He has held multiple teaching positions, and his work has been exhibited internationally at such institutions as the National

Museum of China, Beiiing; the National Museum of Contemporary

Art, Seoul; and the Czech National Art Museum, Prague. Yang works are often many layers of meaning contained within each piece of his art. His subjects vary, but are often female, with concepts drawn from everyday life Yang's art shifts between illusion and reality, playing with his viewer's sense of perception. He continuously pushes the limits of two-dimensional painting, utilising new media in his work, and departing from traditional painting and its limitations.

Yang Qian is from the first generation of Chinese Contemporary artists, educated in both China and the U.S. Impressive public and private collections. Notably his artworks in the permanent collection of the National Museum of China in Beijing. Has had over 100 artwork's sold through the secondary market with an auction 

record of USD$ l 01,550. Yang Qian has had more than 20 solo

exhibitions internationally including China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, the U.S., the U.K. and Italy. Yang Qian has participated in leading international art fairs such as Prague Biennale, Art Basel by Gallery Hyundai, Busan Biennale (Korea), Seville Biennale (Spain),

Art Beijing, Poznan Biennale (Poland), etc.

Educations and Background


Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, P.R. China


Instructor at Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Chongqing, China


Graduated from University of Florida. MFA degree


Guest Professor at Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

Solo Exhibitions 

2017 - 2018

A Gust of Wind Through Beijing -Yang Qian's Solo Exhibition, Whitebox Art Center, Beijing, China 


Trace - Yang Qian Solo Exhibition, Sanya Museum of
Contemporary Art 


Walking - Village of Zeng Family, Museum of Contemporary
Art Chengdu 


CIGE Artist Solo Exhibition, China National Conventio
Centre, Beijing


Walking-Yang Qian, Tianren Heyi Art Museum, Hangzhou 


Fragment, Feizi Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 

Rebirth - Yang Qian, Tianren Heyi Art Centre, Hangzhou 

Fragment and Illusion, Art Stage Singapore, Fang Gallery 


Yang Qian Solo Exhibition, Eli Klein Fine Art, New York 

Art is Poison - Yang Qian's Installation Work, White Box Museum of Art, Beijing 

Shredded Maze - Yang Qian's New Painting, Suzhou Art Museum


Media Made - Yang Qian's New Works, Shanghai Z Art Centre 

Transmundane - Yang Qian's New Paintings and Installations, Today Art Museum, Beijing 


Painting After Painting - Yang Qian's New Works, Red Mansion Foundation, London, UK 

Dual Paintings by Yang Qian, The Jam Jar, Dubai 


Overlaping - New works by Yang Qian, Zengdai Museum of
Modern Art 


Neo - Painting by Yang Qian, Today Art Museum, Beijing 

Illusion of Reflection - Paintings by Yang Qian, Marella Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy

Mirror Image - New Paintings by Yang Qian, Ming Art
Gallery, Taiwan 


New Paintings by Yang Qian, Michael Berger Gallery,
Pittsburgh, USA 


Ping Yao International Photography Art Festival, Ping Yao, China 


Yang Qian - New works, Knox Gallery, Naples, USA 


New Paintings by Yang Qian, Adamar Fine Art, Miami, USA


Reflections, Gallery 456, New York


Yang Qian Paintings & Drawings, Suffolk Community College,

Selden, NY


Reality and Illusion, Jamaica Art Centre, New York


Recent Paintings by Yang Qian, Hanson Gallery, New York


A dialogue with time, 808 Penn Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA

Classical Variations, Patricia Judith Gallery, Boca Raton, USA


Neo-Classical Interpretation, Patricia Judith Gallery,
Boca Raton, USA 


Recent Paintings by Qian Yang, Patricia Judith Gallery,
Boca Raton, USA 


Tangible and Intangible, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA 

New Paintings by Qian Yang, Cornwall Gallery, New York 


Recent Paintings by Qian Yang, Patricia Judith Gallery,
Boca Raton, USA 


Landscape by Qian Yang, New England Centre for Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, CT 


Qian and Yi People, Santa Fe Community College Art Gallery, Gainesville, FL 

Paintings by Yang Qian, Gainesville, FL

Group Exhibitions


Humanistic Nature and Society,

Shan Shui - An Insight into the Future, Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Artificial Garden, Today Art Museum, Beijing 

Hainan Art Biennial, Sanya 

Art Stage Singapore, Singapore

The Vivid Spirit - Chinese Contemporary Invitational Exhibition,
Anxi, China 

Interiorities, Linbart Gallery, Shanghai 


Parkview Art Action - On Sharks & Humanity Global Art Exhibition (2015 Beijing), National Museum of China, Beijing 

Original Home : An Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition of Expo 2015, Milan, Italy 

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhib巾on, Art Space Koblenz , Koblenz, Germany 

Life Experience of Aesthetic, Wang Meng Art Museum 

Second Nanjing International Exhibition in Contemporary Art, Nanjing International Expo Convention Center, Nanjing, China

Inframince Mindscape, Shanghai Mingyuan Art Museum 

Confronting Anitya - Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art, Museum of Salagon, Forcalquier France 

Confronting Anitya - Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art, Museum Angerlehner, Weiss, Austria

Post-Calligraphy in Chinese Contemporary Art, Bonn Center for Contemporary Art, Germany

Art Beijing Public Artwork, National Agriculture Exhibition
Centre, Beijing 

Art Basel Hong Kong, UCCA Art Project, Hong Kong

ArtRoad of Renaissance, T Museum, Hangzhou 

Tells New Fashion Origin Exhibition, L'OFFICIEL HOMMES/Pin 


Yixiang Tiankai - The New Chinese Paintings, Today Art
Museum, Beijing 

Chinese Contemporary Art Research Exhibition, United Art 

Museum, Wuhan 

Confronting Anitya - Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art, Carlshuette Art Center, Buedelsdorf Germany

Nanjing International Art Exhibition, Nanjing Convention
Centre, Nanjing 

Lesser Logic - Linguistic Encoding and Discursive Expression in Contemporary Art, Parkview Green, Beijing 

Winshare The New -Contemporary Art Invitational, Winshare Museum, Chengdu 

The Setions of Ideas -Uncompleted Paintings, 5 Art Centre, Beijing 

Fusion Convergence- the Official Opening Exhibition of T Museum, T Museum, Hangzhou 

Confronting Anitya - Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing 

The First China Czech Contemporary Art Exhibition, Czech China Contemporary, Beijing 

Scenery of Time Group Exhibition, Mountain Art Beijing - Frank Lin Art Centre 

Rural, Scar, and Southwestern Soul - Works of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Taipei 

Contemporary Painting Exhibition of 8 Artists, WE Gallery, Shanghai

Confronting Anitya - Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art, Bonn Centre for Contemporary Art, Germany 

China Art e Brazil, OCA Exhibition Center , St. Paulo Brazil

Sanya Art Season Encounters­International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hainan 


The First China - Asian Biennale -Exchange and Integration, Nanning

Open Plains - Chinese New Painting Group Exhibition, Henan Museum, Zhengzhou 

Spectacle Reconstruction-Chinese Contemporary Art, Debrecen MODEM Art Center, Hungry 

Evolution-Avant-garde Contemporary Art Center Opening

Exhibition, Avant-garde Contemporary Art Center, Nanjing

Portrait of the Time- 30 years in contemporary art, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum 

Imagery, Shanghai Himalaya Art Museum 

55 Venice Biennale /International Art Exhibition - Collateral Event Voice of the Unseen, Venice, Italy 

Pure Views - Chinese New Painting, Art Santa Monica,
Barcelona, Spain 

Lake art Bank Second Chapter Exhibitions of Chinese New Painting, Mobile Museum of Art on the Lake 

Open Sky 2012 - An Exhibition Of International Contemporary Art, Chang Jiang Hui Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing 2012


9th Shanghai Biennale Zhongshan Park Project"On the Way Home"-Exhibition at Pudong International Airport, Shanghai 

The 1st Ecorea Jeonbuk Biennale "Eco-Life, Jeonju, Korea


Shuffling the Cards, Chinese Contemporary Art Reloaded, Hilger BROT Kunsthalle Vienna , Austria 

Looking Away - Invitational Contemporary Art Exhibition, Iberia Art Centre, Beijing 

Integration and Expansion - A Group Exhibit of Retuning Overseas Artists, China Millennium Art Museum, Beijing

Diversion of Contemporary Art Value Paradigm Invitational Contemporary Art Exhibition, Blue Roof Art Museum of Chengdu 

Jet-lag-Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art from China and Germany, Hannover Messe, Germany 

The 1st project Exhibition of the 4th Guangzhou Triennial

De-Fascinating the China Imagination, Guangzhou 

20 Years in Sichuan- Art Collection Exhibition, China National Art Museum, Beijing 

Group Exhibitions


Pure Views-Contemporary Chinese New Paintings, Asia Art Museum, San Francisco 

First Chinese Contemporary Art Seminar and Exhibition, Xian Art Museum 

Contemporary Chinese Paintings, Prints, Photos and Sculptures, Virginia Miller Gallery, Miami 

Chengdu Biennale Special Exhibition, The Continue Flow, Chengdu Blueroof Museum of Art

Up-Lake Art Museum in Move, Come and Go, Beijing 

No Absence-Museum Opening Exhibition, Sichuan Wenxuan Art Museum, Chengdu 

Mountains Beyond Mountains-Invitational Exhibition in

Contemporary Art, Yue Art Museum, Beijing 


First Nanjing International Biennale, And Writers, Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing 

Today's Documents-Negotiation, Today Art Museum, Beijing 

Reshaping History-China art from 2000-2009, National Conference Center, Beijing 

San Sheng Wan Wu, Zendai Contemporary Art Exhibition
Hall, Shanghai 

Museum Collection Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing 

Shanghai Pudong Airport, Come and Go-Exhibition of Shanghai Contemporary

Ten Faces of Contemporary Art in China, 798 D Park Space, BeijingTurning Point-Contemporary Art Exhibition, Wenzhou No 7 Art Centre

Japan Friendship Club 30 Years of Being - Contemporary Paintings from Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Art Museum of China, Japan 

Open Vision-Contemporary Art from China, Czech National Art Museum, Prague Czechoslovakia

New Art Revolution-Chinese Contemporary Art in Cuba, Cuba National Museum of Fine Art 


Inlaiding Suzhou-Invitational Contemporary Art Exhibition, Suzhou Art Museum 

Speak and describe-Chinese Contemporary Art, Taiwan National Museum of Art

Speak and describe-Chinese Contemporary Art, National Museum of Art, Beijing 

Metropolis Now-A Selection of Chinese Contemporary Art, Meridian International Center,  Washington, USA

Spectacle-To Each His Own, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei 

Colony-Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing 

Chasing Flames- Chinese Contemporary Art, Eli Klein Fine Art, New York 


The Love of Art-Collecting Contemporary Art in China, Today Art Museum, Beijing 

Seville Biennale YO Universal, Seville, Spain

Busan Biennale - Expenditure, Busan Museum of Modern Art,

Busan, South Korea

Nanjing Triennial - Reflexive Asia, Nanjing

Poznan Biennale - Mediations, Poland

Accelerate-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum 

China Fantasy, Found Art Museum, Beijing

Zengdai Museum of Modern Art -lnvalving Project, Shanghai 

Today's China, Belvue Museum, Brussels, Belgium 

Sichuan Painters, National Museum of Indonesia 

Beijing-Athens-Contemporary Art from China, National Art Center, Athens, Greece 

The Supplemental History, Guangdong Museum of Art 

Wandering Heart, Triumph Art Space, Beijing

Painting Rebellion, Gallery TN, Beijing

Grand Opening Show, Space, Beijing

Let's Consume, Xin Dong Cheng `C` ontemporary Art
Centre, Beijing


Thermocline of Art-New Asian Waves, Museum of Contemporary

Art at ZKM, Germany

Today's Documents 2007-Energy, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Floating-New Generation of Art in China, National Museum of

Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

Departure from SouthwestContemporary Art from Southwest of China, Guangdong art Museum

La Cina e' vicina, PAN Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, Italy

Guizhou Biennale - Personal Myth, Guizhou

The Power of the Universe-An Exhibition of the Frontier of

Contemporary Chinese Art, Asia Art Center, Beijing

A Truth Beyond the Real, Doosan Art Center, Seoul

Breaking Vision-Chinese Contemporary Painting, Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

What's Next?-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong City Hall

Chinese Whispers, Osage Contemporary Art Center, Hong Kong

New Style From Beijing-Chinese Contemporary Art, Kwangju City

Museum of Art, Korea

Seven Plateau-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ming Art Gallery, Beijing

Transition Territories, Galeria Louis Serpa, Lisbon Portugal


The 6th Shanghai Biennale - Hyper Design, Shanghai Art Museum

The Expansion in Realism­ Paintings in China since 1978, Taipei
Art Museum

The group with Oxygen, Zhu Jizhan Art Museum, Shanghai 

Art Beijing 2006 Thematic Exhibition Art Unfobidden, Beijing 

A Ticket to Beijing, Willem Kerseboom Modern & Contemporary Art Gallery, Holland

Common-Link, Vanessa Art Link, Beijing 

First 5x7" Picture Taking Biennale Project Pingyao

Re-excavate the Contemporary Realism, Soka Contemporary 

Space, Beijing 

One Time Consumption, He Xiangning Art Museum­Contemporary Art Center,

Heyri Asia Project Unclear & Clearance-China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Korea

Chongqing Chillis-Contemporary Art in Sichuan,Qingdao Art



Art Basel Presented by Gallery Hyundai, Basel, Switzerland

Cross Culture-Four Artists Show, China Art Museum, Beijing

Vanity Beauty-Three-Men show, Marella Gallery, Beijing

First Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, China Millennium Art

Museum, Beijing


Prague Biennale 2 - Expanded Painting, Prague, Czech

Grouding Reality- New Artists from China, Seoul Art Center

Turning Hands With Cloud- Rain, Beijing TS1 Contemporary
Art Centre

Good Girls, Bad Girls, Red Mansion Foundation, London

Lianzhou International Photograph Biennale, Lianzhou

Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, Chengdu

Beijing Story, Red Mansion Foundation, London

On Going, Shenzhen Sculpture Academy


China-New Contemporary Painting - Travelled to Palazzo in

Poggiale, Torino, Italy, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in
Bologna, Italy

Group Show-25th Anniversary, Edwin's Gallery , Indonesia

Cloud Rain, Art Now Gallery, Beijing


Olympic Art Car Exhibition - Speed, Beijing

Forbidden Senses, Francois Mitterrand Culture Center, 
Perigueux, France

New Perspective in Chinese Painting, Marella Arte 

Contemmporanea, Milan, Italy

Sublime Audacity-he Stroller Experiences, Luis Serpa Gallery ,

Lisbon , Portugal

Hua Jia Di, Beijing Seasons Gallery

China Photographic Painting, Singapore Art Seasons Gallery

Me, Me, Me, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing

China Photographic Painting, Beijing Seasons Gallery

China Avant Garde, Vanessa Art Gallery , Indonesia 


Open Sky, Shanghai Duoland Museum of Modern Art 

Grosse Kunst Ausstellung, Museum Kunst Palast
Dusseldorf, Germany 

Urban Illusion and Perception, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore 

Femmes de Chine, Galerie Veronique Maxe-Albert Benamou ,
Paris, France 

Summer Invitational Exhibition, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing 


Daydream, Nanjing Art Museum

Ping Yao International Photography Exhibition - Daily
Attitude, Pingyao 

Invitational Exhibition for 77and 78, Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Chongqing 


Unusual and Usual, Hong Kong Art Commune 

Chinese Plan: Rotate 360, Shanghai Paragold Int'I Art Center


Unusual And Usual Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yuan Gong Museum, Shanghai 

Door Through the Century National Art Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Chengdu 


Surrealism, Monique Goldstrum Gallery , New York 


Art at the End of the Century, Vanderbuilt Museum , New York
Long Island 


New Form New Artist, Center For Contemporary Art,
Minneapolis, MS 

Figurative Paintings in New York, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York China Turns, IDA Gallery/York University, Ontario, Canada 


Group Show, University Gallery, Gainesville FL 


Figuration, Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY 

The study of The Female Form, Adamar Fine Arts , Miami, FL 


New Expression in Asian American Art, City University of
New York, New York 


China June 4th, 1989, Mexic-Arte , Austin, TX 

Spectrum of Modern Chinese Painting, St. John's
University, New York 


Chinese Art Meets West San Diego, Art Gallery of San Diego State University, San Diego 

The Last Picture Show, Sally Hawkings Gallery , New York 

Second Spring, Founders Gallery University of San Diego 


China June 4th, PSI Museum, New York 

Gallery Artist Show, Access Gallery, New York 

The Public Mirror, The Clock Tower Gallery, New York 


China June 4th, Blum Helman Warehouse, New York 


Cultural Memories, Gainesville City Hall Gallery, Gainesville 


Artists from China - New Expression, Sarah Lawrence
College, Bronxville 

Chinese Overseas Artists United Show, Boston 

Contemporary Oil Paintings from China, Harkness House, New York 

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