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Shi Wei

Chinese, b. 1965


Long a muse of inspiration, artistically and otherwise, the female body holds a matchless sway, capable of arousing the male imagination and altering his perception of reality and illusion. In art, the female body also reveals what lies in the artist's heart as well as the influences on his development. Anyone who lays eyes on Shi's captivating oil paintings of gorgeous slender women, stylishly transmuted by an unseen zoom lens, will detect an awareness of women borne of deep admiration. The viewer is left with a strong sense that the artist identifies closely with women, doubtless a result of the ardent attention he has lavished upon her.

Shi Wei's artworks have been exhibited in major art fairs like Singapore Art Fair, Hong Kong International Contemporary Art Fair,

The Asian Art Asso-, ciation in Korea. Had an auction record of RMB230,000 set at Poly International Auction house in Beijing, June 2013. Shi Wei's beautiful skinny women series are populated amongst international collectors.

Educations and Background


Graduated from Hubei Academy of Fine Arts B.A. 


Graduated from Hubei Academy of Fine Arts M.A. 

2002 - Present 

Teaching at Beijing City University, Vice-professor 

Solo Exhibitions


Shi Wei Solo Exhibition, Beihang Art Gallery, Beijing, China 


Fang Hua Jue Dai - Shi Wei Solo Exhibition, Yang Gallery, Beijing, China


Spellbound - Shi Wei Solo Exhibition, Mulan Gallery, Singapore 


Pretty Woman - Shi Wei Solo Exhibition, Yan Gallery, Hong Kong 

Boney Beauty - Shi Wei Solo Exhibition,M on Decor
Gallery, Indonesia

Group Exhibitions


Inheritance-Development - The Sixth Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition of Beihang Art Gallery (Biennial), Beihang Art Gallery, Beijing, China


Nian Shi Hui Art Exhibition, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, China


Construction and Integration - Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Art

Museum of Beihang University, China


Exhibition of Teachers all over the Chinese Colleges & Universities, Art Museum of Guangdong, China

Hubei Oil Painting Exhibition, Art Museum of Hubei, China

Group Exhibitions


Hubei Institute of Fine Arts 90th Anniversary Art Exhibition,Hubei

Institute of Fine Arts, China

Chinese Artists in Colleges and Universities Invitation exhibition,Art

Museum of Guangzhou, China

Art Beijing 2010, Agriculture Museum of China, Beijing, China


Duyun, Hong Ding Gallery, Beijing 798 District, China


Art Stage Singapore, Singapore

Hong Kong International Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong

Hot City- Exhibition of Four Artists, Beijing 798 Hong Ding
Gallery, China

Assembling Under the Five Rings, Beijing, China

Beauty in Disguise, Lasmine Fine, Singapore

New Vision, Beijing 798 Millennium Gallery, China


Art Beijing 2007, Agriculture Museum of China, Beijing, China

Hong Kong International Contemporary Art Fair, Hong Kong

Body without Body, Gallery Space DA, Beijing 798 District, China


Union in Sometime,Beijing Space Gallery, China

Art Beijing 2006, Agriculture Museum of China, Beijing, China


Constitution and Difference, Beijing,China

The Fascinating, The Art Centre of BIAC, Beijing, China

Fine Arts Literature - Restrictiveness and Freedom, Wuhan, China


The 7th Asian Art Association, Korea


Exhibition of Five People, Wuhan, China

Interface 5, Beijing, China


Exhibition of congratulating Macao returning to China, History Museum of China, Beijing, China

Exhibition of ten artists, Arts Gallery of Guojiyiyuan, Beijing, China

Exhibition of Contemporary Artworks, Arts Gallery of Hiilton,
Beijing, China

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