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Lv Shun 

Chinese, b. 1966


Born in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, Lv Shun graduated from Photography

Department of Beiiing Film Academy. He then started painting and participated at Modern Art Exhibition of 10 artists in Shanghai as early as 1996. Lv Shun is an expressionist, some see him as an abstract painter. Lv Shun was inspired by German visual artist Gerhard Richter and German philosopher Martin Heidegger. Richter made a series of paintings of Candles and Skulls which relate to a

longstanding tradition of still life. Likewise, Lv Shun previously made a series of paintings of pigs, frogs and flowers which are dreamy, poetic, balanced and symbolic. Pigs symbolise simplicity; frogs symbolise freedom, energy...German philosopher Martin Heidegger had a famous exploration of the "question of being". An art critic once described Lv Shun's work as an artistic and imaginative creation on canvas to echo with Heidegger's theory, "Art is truth

setting itself to work." (Die Kunst ist das Sich-ins-Werksetzen der Wahrheit). 

Some artists make drafts before painting their masterpieces, they often gather inspirations and put images together, like collages. More impressively, Lv Shun remembers the images and paints from his memory. Lv Shun's artworks can be categorised by period, the audience can track his evolution and development after a period of time. Flowers in the sky belongs to his latest series in 2013, Lv Shun picked his signature sky blue, and fresh grass green. He slowly and carefully built the layers, creating a rich and thick texture to his paintings. From afar, his small paintings

and bigger paintings are equally bold and powerful, yet so detailed and refined when we take a closer look.

Lv Shun is famous for his expressive and sometimes categorised as abstract paintings, remind audience of the famous Zao Wou-ki.

Lv Shun has a record auction result of HK$ l.24m set at China Guardian in 2011.

Lv Shun's artworks are popular amongst auction houses such as China Guardian, Poly International, Ravenel, 33 Auctions, etc.

Has had over 30 solo and joint exhibitions nationally in China, and has exhibited internationally in Taiwan, Korea, France, Italy and Switzerland. Has involved in major Arts & Cultural exchange and events such as "The 25th Asian International Art Exhibition" in

Mongolia in 2010. Worldwide private collectors including U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Japan, Korea and Indonesia, etc. Collectors inelude: Former curator of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York and CEO of Volkswagen, China

Education and Background



Graduated from the Photography Department of Beijing Movie Institute


Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain

My Humble Home, Taiwan

Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

Songzhuang Art Gallery, China

True Colour Museum, China

Himalayas Art Museum, China

Huaren Contemporary Art Museum, China

Solo Exhibitions


The Misty World - Lv Shun Solo Exhibition, Art Futures Group,

Hong Kong 


Taste of the Arts - Lv Shun Solo Exhibition, Shanghai 


Grand Banquet - Lv Shun Solo Exhibition.Today Art Museum, Beijing



Floating Dream - Lv Shun Solo Exhibition, My Humble House Art Gallery, Taiwan 

Group Exhibitions


China New-Classical Art Association Exhibiton, Manet Art Museum, Beijing, China 

Sculpture - "FEAST" special invitation by judges - The 17th NordArt Export in Germany ("FEAST" winner of the most popular public choice award), Carlshutte Arts District, NordArt 2015, Germany 

Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan 


Spiritual Dimension - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bengbu, Anhui, China 

Circumstance - 2014 China New - Classical Art Exhibition, National Art Museum, Beijing, China 

Shandong Art Museum, Qingdao Zan Art Museum 

China (Linyi) International Art Exhibition, Linyi Shandong 

Jing - Art Appreciation Exhibition of China New Classical Art Association, Beijing Calamus River Antique Buildings, China 

China (Linyi) International Art Exhibition, Linyi Shandong 

Jing - Art Appreciation Exhibition of China New-Classical Art Association, Beijing Calamus River Antique Buildings, China 


Soviet Area Experience - 2013 Jiangsu Chinese Contemporary Associated Exhibition in Beijing, China The Professional Painters
Art Museum 

New Figurative Art - China New- Classical Art Association, Siwei Art Museum, Chengdu, Sichuan, China


Now 'Korea' China 20121, 798 Art District, Beijing, China 

Forms of the Formless opens to the public, Kunstwerk Carlshutte, Budels dorf 

Creative Cities Collection Fine Arts Exhibition in London, Barbican Arts Centre, London, United Kingdom 

China's First Xinjiang Biennale of Contemporary Art, Xinjiang Art Centre, Xinjiang, China 

Spirit, Phenomenon - 2012 Meilidao China Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Meilidao Art Centre, Beijing, China 

Group Exhibitions


Lv Shun Collection Exhibition, Shanghai Yucuiyuan Art Centre

The Power of Art - People - The 2nd Tumen River International Art Exhibition 2011, lumen, China


Negotiations - The 2nd Today's Documents, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China 

Western China International Art Biennale. Yinchuan Cultural Art Center, Yinchuan, China 

The 6th Culture and Art Festival of Songzhuang, Sunshine Art Museum, Beijing, China 

The 25th Asian International Art Exhibition, Ulan Bator National Museum, Mongolia 

Head Fall Due Thirteen MAUSOLEA International Artist Nomination Unfold , Beijing Ming Tombs International Art Zone, Beijing, China


China Contemporary Art Leaders Exhibition, Bukchon Art Museum, Gallery Sun, Seoul, Korea 

"60, 70, 80" China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chateau de Tours, France

Width - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing, China 


Interrelated Horizon - Roving Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China

Interrelated Horizon - Roving Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China 

The Generation of Songzhuang - The Chinese Contemporary Art 

Exhibition (2nd Edition), Song Zhuang, Beijing, China 

Floating World, Symbolic World, Chantilly Art Center,
Shanghai, China 

2008 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China 

Vision Are Welten, Ellita Contemporary, Zurich, Switzerland 

Art Taipei, Taipei Modern Art Gallery, Taiwan 

Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Hyundai DepartmentStore, Seoul, Korea 

Songzhuang International Art Exhibition, Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing, China 

Casting, Found Art Museum Beijing, China 

Images of Desire II, Bense Art Museum, Suzhou, China 


Images of Desire, Songzhuang Art Gallery, Beijing, China 

The Generation of Songzhuang - The Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition (1st Edition), Song Zhuang, Beijing, China 


Contemporary Art Exhibition of 3 Chinese Artists, Today Art Museum, Beijing 


The Documentary - Dog Life Joined Speedy China - China, Israel Video & Photo Communication Exhibition of The 3rd Trans-china International Video Festival, Embassy of Israel, Beijing 

Action Plan of Industry - Exercise, Art Performances, Daqing and Datong, China 

The Documentary - Dog Life Joined the Film Festival of France,

Beijing Art Documenta, 798 Art, Beijing, China 

Chinese Contemporary Group Exhibition, Italy 


Contemporary Art Exhibition of 100 Chinese Artists, Beijing, China


Taking Sunshine Art Performance, Nanjing, China 

Time Space Modern Exhibition of Oil Paintings, Beijing, China 

New Impression Exhibition, France 

Contemporary Art Exhibition of 100 Chinese Artists, Beijing, China 


Start from the Heart - Exhibition of Oil Paintings, Xuzhou, China


Modern Art Exhib巾on of 10 Artists, Shanghai, China

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