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Huang Yin

Chinese, b. 1972


In 1997, Huang Yin graduated from the Oil Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Academy in Chongqing. Being brought up under the red banner, like many other Chinese contemporary artists from the 1970s, Huang Yin went through enormous changes of China's historical cross-sections. Huang Yin recalls its history and represents them through her artworks not through Mao but some specific scenes and props. They include, banners, slogans, campaigns, large-scale iron, etc. Huang Yin's artworks, at first glance, are purely colourful, playful and cartoony. As we further understand the artist's background and culture cultivation, we know her artworks are symbolic, conceptual and narrative. The iconic symbol of Huang Yin's paintings are often a single or a group of little boys worn in blue trousers, white shirts, and red scarves; typical image during the Mao era. Occasionally, little girls were seen too, likely her self-reflection.

Huang Yin's painting, "As a fleeting wave, youth passes" was awarded by The National Art Museum of China in 1997. Her work "Spring Comes and Goes" won a bronze at the 9th National Art Exhibition held by National Art Museum in 1999.

Huang Yin has participated over 50 solo and group exhibitions nationally and globally in China, Hong Kong, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Australia and the USA from 1997 through 2013. Huang Yin's artworks has been shortlisted and showcased at the Alumni of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Art Exhibition held at The Suzhou Art Museum in May - June, 2013. The show featured oil works created by outstanding alumni from class of 1992 - 2012.

Had an auction record of HK$217,836 fetched at Poly Auction, Beijing in 2013.​

Education and Background


Graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute, oil painting department

Solo Exhibitions 


My distant voice Huang yin solo exhibition, Art Futures Group,

Hong Kong 


The Believers as Spiritual Object - Huang Yin Artwork Exhibition, 

SZ Art Centre, Beijing


Chorus, Robinsons Art Gallery, Belgium


Huang Yin's artworks exhibition, Seven Seventy Gallery, Paris

Huang Yin's artworks exhibition, Robinsons Art Gallery, Belgium

Huang Yin's artworks exhibition, Galerie Schortgen, Luxembourg


Hyper-realistic history, Shanghai, Duolun Museum of
Modern Art, Shanghai, 

Group Exhibitions


Premier Art Fair Hong Kong 2017, The Excelsior Hotel, Hong Kong

Art Stage Singapore 2017, Marina Bay Sands Convention
Centre, Singapore


Temperature Invitational Contemporary Artists Exhibition, The Second Zhongshan International Art Expo 2015

Irish Wave, a series of collaborative exhibitions by Irish and Chinese artists, Sanwei Art Centre, Shanghai, China
Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong


Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition
Centre, Hong Kong

Chongqing Art in Sixty years, Chongqing Art Museum,

Chongqing, China


Diversity-China International Youth Arts Festival Contemporary

Youth Arts Exhibition, Beijing, China

Be Conscious of Yourself - The Experimental Practices from the

Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
1992-2012, Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou, China

Unveiled: Art from the Manningham, Maroondah and Whitehorse Council Collections, Manningham Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


CIGE 2012, Beijing, China

Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

Line Art 2012, Gent, Belgium


Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

Line Art 2011, Gent, Belgium

NuYiShu - Series V: Viridiatas, Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China

Manningham Gallery, Australia, Redtory Art and living District

Animation, Robinsons Art Gallery, Belgium


Chic Art Fair, Paris, France

Line Art 2010, Gent, Belgium

Contemporary Art Exhibition, Robinsons Art Gallery, Belgium

Art Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany

Art Paris, Paris, France

Contemporary Art Exhibition, Galerie 138, Honfleur

Travel through the history - Contemporary art invited exhibition,

G-Dot Art Space, Beijing, China

Art Exhibition - Sichuan Fine, Art Institute 70th Anniversary, Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, Chengdu, China 

Image consumption, Times Museum, Beijing, China

Animation Aesthetics Exhibition, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou, China

Huang Yin Self-Photo.jpg

Group Exhibitions


Contemporary Art Exhibition, Robinsons Art Gallery, New York

Contemporary Art Exhibition, Gallery LL, Netherlands

Open Art Fair, Utrecht, Netherlands

Art Paris, Paris, France

Line Art 2009, Gent, Belgium

Animation Aesthetics Biennial Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

Historical Image - Contemporary Art Invited Exhibition,

Shenzhen, China

Art Museum, Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan, China


Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition,
Robinsons Art Gallery, Belgium

Origin The Moon River Sculpture Art Festival, Moon River

Contemporary art Museum, Beijing, China

Chinese Scene, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

Cranky Five-Plus-One, The Firs Sound Gallery, Beijing, China

Art Amsterdam 2008 Art Fair, Netherlands

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Netherlands


1976-2006 From Native Modernism To Urban Utopia,

Bo Yi Gallery, Beijing, China


No Limit, Art 8 Space, Beijing, China

Living in Beijing - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art 8 Space,

Beijing, China


Simplified characters - Hong Kong - Contemporary Art Exhibition, 

Hong Kong


China's photographic painting, Art Seasons Gallery, Beijing, China


Live Flesh - Contemporary Art Exhibition, 798 Art District,

Beijing, China

99 Small Works Exhibition, Tokyo Gallery, Beijing, China

Bare Androgyny - 798 Art District, Beijing Contemporary
Art Exhibition, Beijing, China 

Youth is The Power Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Shanghai, China


Listening to women tell story about men, Chongqing, China

Media city - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Art
Commune, Hong Kong


New Photography Exhibition - The second Pingyao International photography Festival, Pingyao, Shanxi, China 

The Long March - A dialogue with Judy Chicago by the Lugu Lake, Yunnan Art Academy, Yunnan, China

The Long March - A dialogue with Judy Chicago by the Lugu Lake, Lugu lake, Yunnan, China

Floating dreamland - Hong Kong Art Commune, Hong Kong

Artworks Exhibition


Happy Garden Artworks Exhibition, Eastlink Gallery,

Shanghai, China


The Ninth National Art Exhibition, the work Spring comes and goes wins bronze award, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China


Toward the new century - China Youth Oil Painting Exhibition, the

work as a fleeting wave, youth passes wins award, National Art

Museum of China, Beijing, China

Item02220 - Dream Theatre No. 2.jpg
Item02080 - Dreamed Theatre No. 1.jpg
Item02219 - Journey No. 2.jpg
Item02151 - Learning Partner No. 13.jpg
Item02564 - Meeting Fans No. 6.jpg
Item02081 - Vanished Theatre.jpg
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