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Liu Fei

Chinese, b. 1964


Born in Naniing in 1964, Liu Fei is an experi­enced artist who graduated from Academy of Fine Arts Naniing and currently lives Beijing. Good artists create their own symbols, and outstanding artists create distinctive sym­bols which collectors spot immediately. Bald headed women dressed in Chinese uniform became Liu Fei's dis­tinctive symbol since the early 2000s and has been his favourite style presented in a more matured manner. 

He often depicts bald-headed women with big smiles and carrying guns. Bald heads are outstand­ing and unique within our society, casting the colour rebellion and excitement. Artists like portray the sense of rebellion, incorporating themes of individualism in an artistic manner. During the New Wave art move­ment in the mid-1980s, leaving their hair long became a trend for Chinese male artists whilst in the 1990s, cruel cuts became a new fashion for them. Female artists followed a similar trend. Over time, the image of the bald head left a deep impression on art. In 1985, Geng Jianyi painted his bald headed smiling heads; in 1989, there were the bald, careless figures of Fang Liiun. Bald heads became a striking symbol of the era. In accordance, the number of artists painting bald figures increased. Liu Fei admitted that his inspiration came here. More recently he has taken no­tice of most magazines having images of beautiful women decorating the cover, attracting the attention of viewers with their luring poses. "I think that a
bald-headed woman is at­tractive. It is not a new
invention, but makes more news." 

With his bold, strong imagery his artworks are collected all over the world.  Exhibitions were held internationally in major cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore, Zurich, Essen, Madrid, etc. since 2001.  


Had a celebrated seminal solo exhibition at Art Miami, Miami Beach in 2006.  Was incorporated into the Power of Fash­ion exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland.


Has an auction record of US$38,57 l (HK$300,854) set at Zhong Cheng Auc­tions, Taipei in December in 2011. 

Education and Background


Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing, China

Solo Exhibitions


Liu Fei Solo Exhibition Charming War, He Space, Wuhan, China

Liu Fei Solo Exhibition Charming War, Beijing 798 District, Bridge

Art Space, Beijing, China


Liu Fei Solo Exhibition, Adella Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland


Liu Fei Solo Exhibition,Space Gallery, Beijing, China

Liu Fei Solo Exhibition, Galerie Frank Schlagcie in Aissen, Germany


Liu Fei Solo Exhibition, Yu Bo Gallery, Shanghai, China

Liu Fei Solo Exhibition, Forbidden City Gallery, Beijing, China


Bareheaded fashion, Schoeni Art Gallery, Hong Kong

Group Exhibition



International Art Exhibition NordArt 2018, Germany


Songzhuang Airborne Nanjing Joint Exhibition, Nanjing, China

Songzhuang New Spirit, Beijing

"Borders Crossing" San Francisco International Art Exhibition,
San Francisco, USA


Nanjing Contemporary Art Annual Exhibition, Nanjing, China

The 7th Art Weekly Art Festival, Nantong, China

Guzao, Keep Dreaming" Qingdao Contemporary Art Exhibition,

Qingdao, Beijing, China

Binhe Art District,  Songzhuang Art Centre, Beijing, China


Contemporary Art Exhibition,Yang Gallery, Singapore


"Spoon Art Fair", The Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong


Invitation Exhibition, Yang Gallery, Beijing and Singapore


Above Related "joint exhibition, Foundry Museum of art, Beijing, China


"Naive Tricks "joint exhibition, Gallery TIN, Beijing & Seoul


Chinese Women Joint Exhibition, Madrid, Spain

Mix and Review - Chinese New Vision, Adella Gallery,

Zurich, Switzerland


Invitation Exhibition, Pata Gallery, Beijing, China


Invitation Exhibition, Forbidden City Gallery, Beijing, China


Zhang Hongbo, Liu Fei Joint Exhibition,Tang Gallery, Thailand


Red Gate Gallery Ten Anniversary Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery,

Beijing, China

Zhang Hongbo, Liu Fei Joint Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery,

Beijing, China

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