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Liu Li Guo

Chinese, b. 1961


Liu Li Guo is famous for his painting style; expressing and reflecting twentieth century Chinese 'ego'. This indicates the merge of consumer’s society and the traditional elements of modern China. Visually, numerous imagi­native objects and vibrant colours are often used in his paintings. On the other hand, Liu mastered well in avant-garde variation on Chinese traditional arts. His painting ideas hints his fear of losing the Chinese identity and characteristics of a Chinese form of ego conveyed towards the evolution and westernization of China. 


Liu Li Guo is famous for his "trafficking imagination" series, painting in a surrealistic manner. 

His artworks remind the audience of Gaudy. His pick of subjects from the nature is always symbolic and expressive. 


He is known for both his paintings and ceramic sculptures, especially famous for his intricate details and usage of vibrant colours. 


Has participated in over 50 international exhibitions, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Singa­pore, Tokyo, Brussels, Basel, Madrid, Paris, etc. 

Has an auction record of US$101,636 set at a major auction in China in 2010. 


Has had a long track record of exhibitions as early as 1986. 

Educations and Background



Graduated from the fine arts department of Beijing's National

Theatre Institute

Solo Exhibitions


"The New Ark" Liu Li Guo Solo Exhibition, Hanwei International Square, Beijing, China 


Liu Li Guo Art Exhibition, Art Futures Group, Hong Kong 


Art Futures Group Trafficking Imagination - Liu Li Guo


Liu Li Guo's Solo Exhibition, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China 


Life Style, Art Document Storehouse, Beijing, China 


Private Exhibition, Huade Residence, Beijing, China  

Group Exhibitions


Series Exhibition Marking The 10th Anniversary of Songzhuang
Art Centre, Songzhuang Art Centre, Beijing, 

SongZhuang new spirit, 798 BeijingChina

Strange Space, The National Convention Centre, ShanghaiChina


Eat Substance, Yi Sheng Art, BeijingChina 

Art Change Village, SongZhuang Art Centre, BeijingChina

Transformed Folk Arts, Jinshuku, Originality Square, 798 BeijingChina  

Endless Feast, Uomo Camera Dicommercio, Milan, Italy

Eat Substance, 798 SZ Art Centre BeijingChina


Go under water, Bucket Angle Art Museum, BeijingChina

China image expressionism Invitation Exhibition, Beijing

"Riverside district" a loss of nine zero's Art District sample,

Song Village Art Museum, BeijingChina


Art Stage Singapore, Singapore


Beijing International Art Gallery Exhibition, BeijingChina


The 60 anniversary of the People' s Republic of China

Contemporary Art Exhibition, the Ministry of culture, BeijingChina


Chinese Sexy, Harper bazaar, Beijing - Shanghai, China

3.15 Exhibition, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary

Art Beijing, China

Art HK 2008, Hong Kong

Chinese Voice Chinese Stories: Echoes of Change,
Osage Gallery, Hong Kong


Chinese Fine Arts, Bellecour Gallery, Lyon, France 

The Power of the Universe, Asia Art Centre, BeijingChina 

China Now: Lost in Transition, Eliklein Fine Art, Houston, USA

The Contemporary Road of Media and Tradition,

Asia Art Centre, BeijingChina

The Escape: The Rescue of the Language of Tradition and Revolution, Nanjing Square Contemporary Art Museum, NanjingChina

Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Brussels International Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium

Liberate "Concerning the Transformation of Cultural Language",

798 Art Festival, BeijingChina

Yellow Brick Road "Postmodernist Story of Transformation, Contemporary Art Exhibition, the First Sound Gallery, BeijingChina

Beijing International Art Fair, BeijingChina


Second Exhibition of "China Today", National Museum of

Fine Arts, BeijingChina

Mao: Contemporary Visions, JGM Gallery, Paris, France

Flowers, Songzhuang Museum of Art, BeijingChina

Beyond Experience - New China, Arario Gallery, BeijingChina

Icons and iconoclasts, Hazlitt Gooden & Fox, New York, U.S.A

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hazlitt Gooden & Fox,

New York, USA

ARCO'06, International Modern Art Fair, Madrid, Spain

Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy

Mi'art, Milan, Italy

Art@agnes, Tokyo

Japanimation, Tokyo Gallery, BeijingChina

Endless, Arario Gallery, BeijingChina

Brothers, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, BeijingChina

CIGE, World Trade Centre, BeijingChina

Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Mashup, Match & Mix, Critical - Zero Factory, BeijingChina

Grey-Red, New Art Project, BeijingChina

Group Exhibitions


Lineart, Flanders Expo Centre, Gent, Belgium

Joy, Artandgallery, Milan, Italy

FIAC, Paris, France

Charm and Strength - Mao Zedong and the Chinese Contemporary Artists, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Dream Producers (II/Vi): The Imaginary Museum of Chinese Contemporary Art, Xin Dong Cheng Space for
Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Post Factory Come and Gone, 798 Factory, Beijing, China

Critical,2 Zero Fields Gallery, Dashanzi Art District, Beijing, China 

Degenerate Dharma, Beijing Tokyo Art Projects, Beijing, China 

CIGE, World Trade Centre, Beijing, China 

Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China 

Under the Sky above Beijing, Yijingxuan Gallery, Beijing, China  

Sonzhuang Ten Year Invitational, Beijing, China  


Forbidden Senses, Sensuality in Contemporary Chinese Art, Espace Cultural Francois Mitterrand, Perigueux, France 

FIAC, Paris, France 

CIGE, World Trade Centre, Beijing, China 

Yellow Earth, Thick Earth (retrospective of ten years in Chinese sculpture), Millennium Monument, Beijing, China 


China Art Today, Millennium Monument, Beijing 

Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao 

My Way, Museum of Fine Arts, Guangzhou 


2001 Art Forum Berlin, Berlin, Germany 2001

Reinventing the Images and Signs, Huanyu Jingdian Cultural Centre, Beijing, China  

Self-expression, Art Documents Storehouse, Beijing, China  


Image and Net Art Exhibition, Jilin Academy of Fine Arts, Changchun, China  

Two-dimensional Contemporary Art, China Women's Activity Centre, Beijing, China  

February Group Show, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China 


Ouh la la I Kitsch 1, Teda Museum, Tianjin, China  

Songzhuang Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China  

The First Chinese Installation Artists Documentary Exhibition, The Commune of Art, Hong Kong 


Live Styles, Hamburg, Bremen, Germany 


First Chinese Design Exhibition, International Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China

Eleven's The Avant-garde, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong 


9 Artists - Exhibition of Portuguese Embassy in China,

Beijing, China 


Chinese Inks, Capital Museum, Beijing, China

Beijing Resident Artists, Capital Museum, Beijing, China 


Annual Oil Painting Exhibition, National Museum of
Fine Arts, Beijing, China


Five Painters, The Beijing Concert Hall Gallery, Beijing, China 

Graduation Show, Institute for Traditional Theatre, Beijing, China

International Stage Design, Theatre Institute, Tokyo, Japan 


Stage Design for Maeterlinck's " L'intruse", Chinese Youth Art Theatre, Beijing 


Ink and Wash, Ten artists, Cap比al Museum, Beijing, China 


Exhibition of Young Artists from Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang
Museum of Fine Arts, China

Item01612 - One Side and the Other 5.jpg
Item00625 - 麦子甜 八 Sweet Scents of Wheat
Item02230 - The World Beneath 8.jpg
Item02166 - The World Beneath 2.jpg
Item00303 - The breathtaking scene 煞人的风景
Item02252 - Paradise in the Woods 2.jpg
Item02257 - Paradise in the Woods 1.jpg
Item02526 - Bronze Cranes 9.jpg
Item02124 - Oh! World 29.png
Item01516 - Your aloof attitude disinter
Item02250 - Stranger 16.jpg
Item02147 - Cityscape 1.jpg
Item01517 - Sound in the woods 2.jpg
Item02522 - Thousand Miles Landscape 36-
Item00298 - High Heels 鞋子.jpg
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