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Luo Jie

Chinese, b. 1968


In Chinese philosophy, it is understood that emptying oneself can leave behind a painful experience. Hence purification leads to salvation. Luo Jie finds his redemption through a laborious process of painting. Inter­estingly, Luo's life echoes the tragic course that his father's life took. His obligations towards his family for a time pre­vented him from pursuing his artistic career; a nagging feeling of failure led him to despair. Only after his father's death could Luo resume his haunting art and seize upon it full-time as the vocation he knew it to be. 

Luo Jie is famous for his "Imprisoned" series, painting men with entangled ropes, which represent his suffering and loss as Luo's course of life echoes the tragedy of his father.


Has had exhibited internationally includ­ing Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Ma­laysia, Netherlands, etc.


Has been chosen to exhibit his paintings at the recognized Venice Biennale in June, 2013.


His public collections include Yuangong Art Museum and Qinghe Art Museum.


Had a promising auction record of HK$302,400 set at an auction.

Educations and Background 



Graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Solo Exhibitions


Imprisonment and the mental state of city people, Art Futures Group, Hong Kong 


Imprison in the USA, Lococo Fine Art, St. Louis, USA 

Samsara - One's Memorial Ceremony, Du Jiang Yan, China 


Prison - The ID of Human, Canvas International Art, The Netherlands 

Crossing the Imprisoned, PATA Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Prison Series, PATA Gallery, Beijing, China

Prison Series, Soobin Art, Singapore


Prison Series, Vanessa Art Link, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions


Harbour Art Fair, Marco Polo Hotel, Hong Kong

Gift from Changsha Contemporary Art Exhibition, Changsha, Hunan, China

Make Art Into Life - 2018 Art Fair In Hotel, The Peninsula Hotel, Beijing, China


Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA


The First Round - Contemporary Art from China, Los Angeles, USA

Communication - First QHFJ Modern Art Journey to Start Cross-Circle Development, Pingyao, Shanxi, China 


Life Experience of Aesthetic, Wang Meng Literature and Art Museum, Mian Yang Realism and Research Ideas, Art Wave, Beijing, China

Contemporary of China, Dock Gallery, Rotterdam 

Nanjing International Fine Art, Bai Jia Hu Group, Nanjing, China


Formless, Colourless, First Sound Gallery, Beijing, China

Luo Jie.jpg


The Time Restart II, Mi Yuan Yun Ding, Chongli 

Wu Mei, The Egypt Culture Museum in Italy, Rome, Italy

The Symbolic Power, Jing Yi Art Space, Beijing, China

Art Beijing, San Ban Studio, Beijing, China

The Time Start I, Tang INN, Chongli


Art Expo Malaysia, Trade Building Exhibition Centre,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dark Matter - Heterogeneous Representation of Contemporary,

Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China

Art Beijing, PATA Gallery, Beijing, China


Art Expo Malaysia, Trade Building Exhibition Centre,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Consumption of Picture, Time Art Museum, Beijing, China


Experience/ Gorgeous - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition,
Feng Feng Art, Beijing, China

Near History - Contemporary Art Exhibition of China, China
Castle Museum, Tours, France

To Find the Border - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Airport 10th Gallery, Chengdu, China

SCOPE Basel 09, Canvas International Art, C Gallery, Basel, Switzerland


Internal Injury - 8 Artist's Injury Assessment Report, Up Gallery,

Beijing, China  

Pan-Amsterdam - China Now Now, Canvas International Art,

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


China Feeling - Chengdu Contemporary Art Exhibition, New York, USA

MOCA Shanghai, Shanghai Contemporary Museum, Shanghai, China

China Now, Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Scraping - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Qi-Sheng Museum,

Chengdu, China


Changed Pictures, Shanghai Art Museum, China

Drip/Prison/Touch, Shengman Gallery, Beijing, China

New Power Biennale of Shanghai, Yuangong Art Museum,

Shanghai, China

Item00690 - 囚-shopping girl.jpg
Item00150 - Imprisoned - Yellow Portrait
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