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Ma Dong Min

Chinese, b. 1968


A modern and contemporary Chinese artist who graduated from Central Art College and is famous for his landscape based themes; combining human lust with fog, mountain and water to present a nation of “the union of human and nature”. This gives view a special realisation derived from mountains with thousands of years of traditional Chinese culture. Ma Dong Ming’s theme is a free mentality outside of painting and a yearning for freedom offer touring everywhere. Yet, the artist also had a period which non-figure-shape was the style of his landscape paintings; it is closer to abstract expressionism in its form.
It is in recent years that he developed figure-shapes in tones of grey and blue. They are more and more strengthened and co-operated with the landscapes; from obscure indication to clear expression; from whole figures to portraits of human faces. He discovered human's exact shapes when depicting landscapes. Contrary to ancient arts which hide figures, Mo Dong-Min's exploration of figures in landscape paintings demonstrates on influence by contemporary society and his individual experience.
In the modern world of painting, it is rare to combine expressive, conceptual figurative and surrealistic painting styles into one. Ma Dong Min is the artist who combines all three into one which made his paintings surge in popularity. 

Ma Dong Min's highest auction record was TWD8,024,000 (HKD2,000,286) and latest auction records in 2017 was RMB920.000 (HKD1,150,000).

He is one of the top 10 most collectible living Chinese contemporary artists recommended by the China Association of Collectors (Award Ceremony, 25 March 2018, Beijing National Stadium).


His works were exhibited widely in China and overseas, included Solo Exhibitions in Today Art Museum China in 2013, Italy in 2011, New York in 2008, Hong Kong in 1994.

Education and Background


Born in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province


Graduated from Central College of Fine Arts in 1990

Currently works and lives in Beijing

Solo Exhibitions


Spirit Moment - Ma Dong Min Solo Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China


Ma Dong Min's Works Exhibition, New Art Gallery, Italy


Artistic conception of Spirit - Ma Dong Min Solo Exhibitions, Avant Gallery New York, USA


Artistic Conception of Spirit - Ma Dong Min Solo Exhibitions, First Sound Gallery, Beijing, China

First Sound Gallery


Ma Dong Min Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong

Group Exhibitions


Tramp Over The Mountains & Rivers - Zhangzhou Invitational

Exhibition Contemporary Painting: Chinese Screen - The Progress of Contemporary Chinese Painting, Art Museum of Zhangzhou,

Zhangzhou, China

2018 Art Fiesta, Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Centre, Goyang,

South Korea

Cross-Border - Chinese and Portuguese Contemporary Art

Invitational Exhibition, Espaço Arte Livre, Lisbon, Portugal


The 1st Chinese Overseas Artists Association Art Exhibition,

Beijing, China

The Third Aestithetics - Lotus Chen International Art Museum

Grand Opening Group Exhibition, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China

Distinction - The International Artists Invitational Exhibition,

Guo Zhong Art Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing, China

2017 Hainan Expo Hainan International Contemporary Art

Exhibition, Hainan, China


2016 Exhibition of International Representational and Abstract Art, Jiujiang Art Museum, Jiangxi Province, China

Now - Contemporary Painting Exhibition, 798 Art Zone,

Beijing, China


Miao - Reconstruction - Suzhou Contemporary Art Exhibition 2013, Suzhou, China


Art-Frontier - Contemporary Art Invited Exhibition, Beijing, China

Announcement - Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Beijing, China


Mountains Beyond Mountains, Beijing, China

Unexpected Issues, Beijing, China

Left is Right - Contemporary Art invited Exhibition, Beijing, China


Project infrasound Round II - Two Sides of the Same Coin,

Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions


Oriental Light - Korea Contemporary Art Interchange

Exhibition, Beijing, China, Seoul, Korea

Take One Only - Contemporary Group Art Exhibition, Beijing, China


Deep Respiration- Chinese Contemporary Art Group

Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

Peculiar - Contemporary Art Invited Exhibition, Beijing, China

Proceeding- Contemporary Group Art Exhibition, Beijing, China

Contemporary Art - Multiplex Illustration, Beijing, China


Chinese Contemporary Art 2007, Munich, Germany

Critical Line - Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Beijing, China

Chinese Contemporary Art Circuit Exhibition, Beijing, China,

Singapore, Indonesia

Golden Avenue - Socialism Reform Associated Exhibition, 
Beijing, China


Chinese Contemporary Art Document Exhibition, Beijing, China

Made in China Nikolaus Sonne Fine Arts, London, UK

The Twelve - The Avant Garde Tailoo Palace, Singapore

First Exhibition of Professional Artists, Hong Kong

Chinese Contemporary Art Painting Exhibition, New York, USA

"Sheng Sheng Man" Contemporary Art Associated Exhibition,

Beijing, China

Beijing Space Gallery Painting Associated Exhibition, Beijing, China

The First Contemporary Professional Art Painting

Associated Exhibition, Beijing, China


Chinese Pacific Oil Painting Auction in Fall, Beijing, China

You Ju Art Center Exhibition, Taiwan

"Cabinet" Contemporary Art Invited Exhibition, Beijing, China

Contemporary Art Exhibition of Asia, Korea


Intercourse Exhibition Between France and China, France


Chinese Contemporary Art Hundred Exhibition, Beijing, China

Chinese Vanguard Art Circuit Exhibition, Germany, 

Switzerland, Spain


Invited Exhibition of Radisson Sashotel, Beijing, China 

Invited Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Beijing, China


Art Fair of China, Beijing, China


Associated Exhibition in the Exhibit Bureau of Central College of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

Item00365 - Artistic Conception of Spiri
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