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Shen Jing Dong

Chinese, b. 1965


Shen Jing Dong’s inspiration towards this artworks arose from his 17 years of military experience at the battlefront Art Troupe of the Political Department of Nanjing Military Region. His paintings and sculptures are currently collectively known as “Heroes”; his personal visual individuality has seen his artwork value soar in the primary and secondary markets. The hero series are originally a group of ceramic sculptures with sizes similar to a doll of a hero bust, the serious-looking soldiers have been portrayed with a kind of liveliness throughout China. Later on, paintings showcase soldiers playing the hero role in military uniform, his soldiers possess neither the characteristics of high volumes of the early revolutionary sculptures nor the irony to the political image since the 1990s. Of all the Chinese artists, contemporary and traditional, Shen Jing Dong’s uniqueness of his pop art has seen a significant surge in his artwork’s value. 


  • Had an important solo exhibition "Hidden Meanings, Colour Explosion"(2014) at Today's Art Museum, Beijing and five other solo exhibitions since 2006.


  • His artworks have been exhibited worldwide in major cities, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, etc. 


  • Shen is very active in art exchange and development


  • Previously visited Spain and Belgium in 2009 & 2011 respectively. 


  • Popular amongst art collectors internationally.


  • Actively involved in Charity events.


  • Collected by famous Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, from the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. 


  • Shen was featured on many major publications, such as front cover of Asian Art News magazine.

Education and Background


Graduated from the fine art class of Nanjing Xiaozhuang

Normal School


Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Nanjing Academy

of Art


Serving in the Battlefront Art Troupe of the Political Department

of Nanjing Military Region

Public Collection


Good Morning, Oil on Canvas. 114cm x 214cm, Songzhuang Contemporary Art Archive, Beijing, China


Hero, Oil on Canvas, 100cm X 100cm, Wurth Museum, Spain


Harmony One, Oil on Canvas,200cm X 600cm, German Aube Wright

Museum of Art

Bust of Soldier,56cm X 52cm X 35cm.

Sculpture, Gallery of Henan Province, China


Hero Series, No. 12 ,200cm X 200cm, National Art Museum of China

Hero Series, No. 42, 200cm X 200cm, Art Retreat Museum, Singapore


Ceremony of the Founding of the People's Republic of China. oil painting, 200cm X 700cm, Shanghai No. 1 Art Museum, China

Solo Exhibitions


Shen Jing Dong Solo Exhibition New York, USA 

Shen Jing Dong Was Here - Solo Exhibition, Venice, Italy 


Southbound - Shen Jing Dong Solo Exhibition, Shenzhen GuoFeng Art, Shenzhen, China


Chinese New Realistic Jingdong Shen's solo show. Hudson Center 

for Contemporary Arts, New York, 


The Little Prince Art Collection Exhibition, Art Futures Group, Espace, Central, Hong Kong 

Dawn of a New Age: Ink Redefined, Art Futures Gallery,

Central, Hong Kong 

Censure, Galerie Dock Sud, France

Patheon - from yuanmingyuan to Songzhuang, Songzhuang

Art Museum, China

Montreux Biennale, Montreux, Switzerland 

Beautiful China - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hebei Institute of Media 

The peddler is 100 metres close to the paradise, Czech Museum of Contemporary Art, Czech Republic

Tough - the new Art Exhibition, Nanjing Art Institute, China  

Tear is Like, SZ Art Centre, Beijing, China 

Art Unbounded, Sunshine International Museum,

Songzhuang, Beijing, China 

Asia, Talk to Asia, Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea 

Sunbathing 30th Anniversary, Songzhuang North Temple, China 


My Kingdom of Fairytales Art Futures Group, ArtOne,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Hidden Meanings, Colour Explosion, Today Art Museum,

Beijing, China 


Continue with Revolution, 3V Gallery, Nanjing, China 


We could be Heroes II, The Rotunda, Exchange Square,
Central, Hong Kong


Hero, Volta Art Fair, New York, USA

Departing from Nanjing - Shen Jing Dong Solo Exhibition, Jin Ling 

Art Museum, Nanjing, China


Hero, China Square Gallery, New York, USA

Guns N' Roses - Shen Jing Dong 2008 Solo Exhibition, Parkview Green Art, Beijing, China 

The Most Beloved People, Today Art Museum & New Millennium Gallery, Beijing, China 


Making of Heroes over 10 Years, Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China 

We Could Be Heroes, Yan Gallery, Hong Kong 

The Art Journey of A Good Soldier - Shen Jing Dong Archival Art Exhibition, Songzhuang Contemporary Art Archive, Beijing, China


Images of Heroes, New Millennium Gallery, Beijing, China

Exhibition of One Painting, 88 Art Document Storehouse,
Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions


ART KUNST x Original Sculpture x Silk Screen Print, Beijing, China 


"Extension" After Typhoon Shanzhu Shenzhen International Art Fair 

Nomination Exhibition, Guo Feng Art Centre, Shenzhen, China 

Shenzhen International Art Fair 2018 Nomination Exhibition, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre, Shenzhen, China 

Emerging Imagery - Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition, Kunstraum Villa Friede, Germany 

China-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition 2018, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo, Japan 

My Art History Group Exhibition, Songzhuang, Beijing, China 


The Person Says the Shanxi Is a Good View - Archaic Chinese rhymes about Yaodu, Art Museum of Shangxi Normal University, Linfen, China 


Review and Reprise, Sunshine International Museum,

Songzhuang, China 

Songzhuang New Spirit, 798 Baijiahu Art Centre 

Hainan Art Biennial, Sanya, Hainan Province, China 

"From China" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, USA 

Crossing Borders - San Francisco International Arts Exhibition, San Francisco International Arts Centre

The East Meets the East Coast - Asian and American Artists' Printmaking Exchange Exhibition, The Elizabeth Foundation for

the Arts 

Artists' Vision. Culture Insights - Asian and American Artists Exchange Exhibition, Franck Sinatra School of the Arts, New York 


Montreux International Biennale -Chinese Sculpture Exhibition, Montreux Art Gallery 

The 11th MAG - He comes from China, Montreux Art Gallery 

The Chinese Men, Vevey Switzerland, by Ferrari Art Gallery 


Exhibition of International Representataional and abstract Art, Culture Centre, Ningbo, China 

No Boundaries, 798 Top Red Art Gallery, Beijing, China 

The 2nd Biennale Cina-Italia, 798 Art Factory, Beijing, China 

Central Force, Songzhuang 99 Art Museum, Beijing, China 

Shui Diao Ge Tou, 798 He Gallery, Beijing, China 

Situation - 2014 Contemporary Art International Exhibition,

China-Czech Contemporary Art, China

Heavy Footmarks - The 1st Nanjing International Art Festival, Nanjing International Expo Centre, China 


Flowers Blossom in Spring, Tone Gallery, Beijing, China

The 115 Artist Self Portraits, Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Beijing Mini Art, Jiu Ceng Gallery, Beijing, China

Breathing Freedom, China Culture Centre, Tokyo, Japan

Su Qu Experience, Songzhuang Professional Artists Art Museum,

Beijing, China

A Night Walk Along, Heqiao, Heqiao Village, Beijing, China

The Exhibition of Artists' Plan and Sketch, Jiu Geng Gallery, 

Beijing, China

Chunji Biennale, Jiu Geng Gallery, Korea

Together Again - One Teacher and Four Students' artworks show, Prince Gong's Mansion, Beijing, China

We, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

No Desire, Zhejiang Art Museum, China


The 1st Biennale Italia Cina, Villa Reale, Italy

Huamn's Dream No. 2, Destination Art Space, Beijing, China

The Drunken State, Yishan Art Museum, Nanjing, China

Proper and improper, Meilun Art Museum, Hunan, China

Assemble in 798 Contemporary art exhibition with military theme, 798 Beijing, China

Grabados de la Nueva China 1949-2009 (Prints of New China 1949-2009), Convent of St. Francis of Assisi

In Love with Chinese Contemporary Art, Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong

Pulse, Qinhuangdao Contemporary Art Museum

Art Forefront Contemporary Art Show, Songzhuang

Art Centre, China

The 12th Edition of National Exhibition of Art of the Chinese People's

Liberation Army (PLA), The National Art Museum of China

Extended Fatique, Sanchuan Modern Art Museum, Nanjing, China

Traitors, Shangdong Art Museum, Nanjing, China

Shen Jing Dong.jpg

Group Exhibitions



Overlapping World, Go Ahead Art Centre, Nanjing, China

From the Red Gate, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China

Surrealist POP, Enjoy Museum of Art, 798 Beijing, China

Recapture - 15 Years' Retrospective Exhibition of SanBan Studio, TangArt Centre, Beijing, China

Right Now - Contemporary Art Exhibition, 798 Space, Beijing, China

Art Qingdao - 2011 First Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, China Qingdao Belle Place Art Space

People - The Power of Art, Yong Yin Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea 

Historical New Songzhuang, Songzhuang Art Museum,

Beijing, China 

Nanjing Contemporary Art Annual Exhibition, China

Nanjing Chandon Art Museum, China 


Seal Tract - Contemporary Art Exhibition, China Beijing Times Art Museum 

Time - Fable Contemporary Art Exhibition, 798 Space, Beijing, China 

Reshaping History China art from 2000 to 2009, China National Convention Centre, Beijing 

East/West - Visually Speaking, Paul & Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA; Museum of Contemporary Art / Jacksonville, Florida, USA 

Consideration - Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Days Gallery, Beijing, China

Nanjing Manufacturing - Contemporary Artists Exhibition, New Wave Gallery, Shanghai, China 

Occasional Festival Painting Unit, Songzhuang Art Museum,


Tension at Poles - Invitational Exhibition of Works of Masters from Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, Luodai Town, Chengdu, China 

Trust - Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Star Factory Art Centre, Beijing, China

Context - Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Beijing Foundery Museum of Art, China 

Memory of China - Exchange Exhibition of Chinese and Spanish Artists' Works.Time Space in 798 Factory, Beijing, China 

Strength of Practice, the Third Documents of Contemporary 

Chinese Prints, Nanjing Museum, China

Red Memory, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China 

China-Korean Exchange Exposition, 798 Yan Gallery, Beijing, China 

Invitational Exhibition of Experimental Contemporary Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art, Songzhuang, Beijing, China 

Chengdu Biennale, New International Convention & Exposition Centre, Chengdu, China 

Visual Presentation of Identity, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China 


Multiple Perspectives - Exhibition of 11 Chinese Contemporary Artists' Works, Beijing You Gallery, Beijing, China 

Assembling under the Five Rings, Legend Hotel, Beijing, China 

Up North - Exhibition of Jiangsu Artists' Works, Egret Art Centre Beijing, China 

Up North, Down South, Art for All Society, Beijing , China 

Post-Modern Expression of Red Classics, Dong Coffee Event in 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China 

Strength of Practice - the Second Documenta of Contemporary Chinese Prints, Nanjing Museum, China 

Drifting - China - Korean Exchange Exposition, Top Gallery,

798 Art Zone, Beijing, China 


China Today Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of China 

Body · Impression - The Human Body in Contemporary Chinese Art, Red Gate Gallery, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China 

Revolution, China Square Gallery, New York, USA 

Tie - Path, You Gallery, Beijing, China

Progressive Tense, New Millennium Gallery, Beijing, China 


Ash and Red - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing New Art

Project, China 

Consumerist Time, Sart Gallery, Beijing, China 

Qingzhou International Plastic Arts Exhibition, Museum of

Qingzhou, Shandong, China 

Under the Rainbow - Exhibition of Contemporary Asian Art,

South Korea 

The Breadth of Painting Determines Attitude, Photography Bi ennale, Pingyao, China 

You Gallery Group Exhibition in September, You Gallery, 

Beijing, China 

Exhibition 3N Group Works, Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China


The Second Dashangzi International Art Festival, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China 

Look Ahead, March On - Exhibition of Four Contemporary Soldiers' Works, Pickled Art Centre, Beijing, China 

String - Exhibition of Works of 5 Visiting Artists at Red Gate Gallery, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China 

I Love Beijing, Suojia Village International Arts Camp, Beijing, China 

Produce Clouds with One Turn of the Hand and Rain with Another: Contemporary Art Exhibition, TS! Art Museum, Beijing, China 

Illness - Our Todays Art ,Nanjing Art Museum, China 


Art Exhibition to Mark the 30th Anniversary of Jiangsu Art Monthly, Nanjing Museum, China 

Exhibition of Works of William J. Andersen and Shen Jingdong, Pickled Art Centre, Beijing, China 

Eight Minus One Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibtion, 88 Art Document Storehouse, Beijing, China 

UN World Peace Art Exhibition, South Korea 

Angle - Exchange Exhibition of Works of Artists of Three Places, Red Classic Art Gallery in Nanjing, Andres Gallery in Shanghai, China Blue Gallery in Beijing


Shadow Art Exhibition, Art Storehouse, Kunming, China 

Measuring Pupil Distance - Video Exhibition, Shenzhen, China 

Are You Familiar with Them? - Modern Oil Painting Exhibition, 

Nanjing Shenghua Art Centre, China

China Today Art Exhibition, China Millennium Altar, Beijing, China 

Chatting - Chinese and Belgian Artist Exchange Exhibition, European Cultural Exchange Center, Xiamen, China 

Dissimilar Sameness - Chinese and Slovenian Artist Exchange Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, China 


Basking in the Sun, Nanjing, China 

Open Platform - The Third International Performance Art Festival, Xi'an, China

Daydream - Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Nanjing Museum, China


The Second Asian-Pacific International Contemporary Art Biennale, Genoa National Modern Art Gallery, Italy

China Plan - Circumrotating 360°C, Haishangshan Art Gallery, Shanghai, China 

N Roles Exhibition, Nanjing Navy Commanders' Academy,
Nanjing, China


Sea Horizon Conceptual Photography Exhibition, Xiamen, China 

Partial Clicking Conceptual Photography Exhibition, Daguangming Mall, Nanjing, China 

Ink, Ink, Ink Art Exhibition, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China 

Asian International Peace Modern Art Exhibition 2000, Nanjing Museum, China

Communication of Intentions - Chinese Conceptual Photography Exhibition, Asian-Pacific Contemporary Art Archive, Italy 


Circumstance and the Art of Today, Shanghai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China 

The Third Itinerant Exhibition of "Borderline Vision", East China Normal University, Shanghai, China 


Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China

The Second Itinerant Exhibition of " Borderline Vision", Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China 



The First Itinerant Exhibition of"Borderline Vision", Jiangsu Gallery, Nanjing, China


Period of Time '95 - Breaking through" Exhibition, Exhibition Hall of Nanjing Arts Institute, Nanjing, China

Art Exhibition to Mark the 20th Anniversary of Jiangsu Art Monthly, Nanjing Arts Institute, Nanjing, China 


New Face" Art Exhibition, Exhibition Hall of Nanjing Arts Institute, Nanjing, China

Events Organised



The Exhibition of Artists' Plan and Sketch, Jiu Geng Gallery,
Beijing, China


In Ten Years - One Hundred Artists Face, Beijing, China 


Let's Play Together, Original Life Art Gallery, Beijing, China



Contemporary Artists' Studio, Beijing, China 


Cards of a Hundred Artists, Beijing, China 


One Hundred Artists Telling Their Own Stories, Nanjing, China 


Faces of a Hundred Artists, Orange Gallery, Nanjing, China 


A Hundred People, a Hundred Names over a Hundred Years, School of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University and Yi Bo Hall in Shanghai

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