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Wang Xiao Bao

China 1974


When many of the 70’s artists are still establishing their own personal style and exploring different artistic approach, Wang Xiaobo has become a faction, and received a lot of achievements and recognition by the art industry. From his works can clearly feel the traditional oil painting classical realism style, but also into the contemporary art symbolic emotional expression. "In the inheritance and innovation", this is best described Wang Xiao Bo unique artistic style of choice.  


Wang Xiaobo's pursuit of art and the goal is clear. "I was interested in figurative art when I was studying in the CCA, but I wanted to express my thoughts and I did not want to repeat the same path of the older generation, so I would like to express my feelings in the art that I could understand. "Art is like a huge book shelves, contemporary art, realism and other art forms are in their own styles, and I may only be one of the books in this book shelves. Therefore, I have to be clear on the situation that I am facing now, dedicating my whole life to create beautiful and inspired works. I believe that only this, the final work produced will be more touching.”  


Wang Xiao Bo's work has been collected and presented at prestigious galleries, museums and art fairs across the globe including Irish Museum of Modern Art (Dublin), Museum of Fine Arts Kunstmuseum (Switzerland), National Art Museum of China , the 15th Biennale of Sydney (2006), Art Beijing 2011 & 2013, Art Stage Singapore 2016 and NordArt Germany 2016.  


According to the latest data, the market reacts well to artists born in the 70s, which is evident due to the reasonable bids they attract. Wang Xiao Bo held the top three places in terms of highest average bids together with Jia Aili and Li Songsong, and each exceeded RMB 2 million.  


Wang Xiao Bo’s highest auction record was RMB3,220,000 (HKD4,025,000) and top 5 auction records was between RMB3,220,000 (HKD4,025,000) to RMB1,725,000 (HKD2,156,000).  


Regarding the theme of creation, 70s-born artists tend to showcase their distinctive aesthetics through abstract, obscure – even absurd and fragmented – expressions, as reflected in Wang Xiao Bo’s “Inverted Woman” (sold at China Guardian 2012 Spring Auctions’ China Oil Painting and Sculpture event, RMB3,220,000), which presents his unique perspective on society.  


Notable Exhibitions including NordArt (Germany), Art Stage Singapore (Singapore), ArtHamptons (New York USA), LA Art Show (Los Angeles USA, Art Beijing (China), Sydney Biennale (Australia), Art Hong Kong (Hong Kong), etc.   


Major art collectors including the leading Chinese film director Mr Feng Xiaogang (馮小剛), lawyer-entrepreneur-avid art collector Mr Handel Lee (李景漢), Vice Chairman of Beijing Jingxi Culture & Tourism Co., Ltd Mr Lou Xiaoxi (婁曉曦) (the production company of movie Youth 2017 芳華, Wolf Warrior 2戰狼2), late Hong Kong Tycoon Parkview Group Chairman Mr George Wong (黃建華), the Chairman and President of Beijing Huayuan Property Co., Ltd Mr Ren Zhi Qiang (任志强), Italian-American actor and professional visual artist Mr Federico Castelluccio, Richard J.Demato Fine Arts Gallery in New York USA, Chief Representative in Asia of Mr Jay Lu (呂嘉禾), son of former top party official Li Ruihuan Mr George Li (李振智), etc.  

Educations and Background

1974  Born in Beijing      


2000  Graduated from the oil department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts


Currently works and lives in Beijing  

Selective Exhibitions


Beyond Images - Study Exhibition of Painting Samples Part III, Another Art Art Centre, Beijing, China     

Art Taipei, Taipei World Trade Centre, Taiwan     

Art for a Changing World - Chinese Realistic Oil Painting, Caochangdi Art District, Beijing, China     


Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art Xuzhou 2017, Xuzhou Art Museum, Xuzhou, China     

 "Before & After" Art Exhibition, Riverside Art Museum, Beijing, China      

NordArt 2016, Hamburg, Germany     

Art Stage Singapore 2016, Singapore     

"Collision" Conceptual Art Group Exhibition, Xiansheng Gallery, Beijing, China      

“Now" Contemporary Painting Exhibition, 798 Xinghe Gallery, Beijing, China     

"Arts Unbounded" Contemporary Youth Arts Promotion Program, Gallery 49, Beijing, China

Sao Yi Sao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen, China     

Contemporary Art Exhibition, Riverside Art Museum, Beijing, China   

Wang Xiao Bo02.jpeg

Selective Exhibitions


China Neo-Classical Art Association 2015 Exhibition, Manet Art Museum, Beijing, China

ArtHamptons, New York, U.S.A

LA Art Show, Los Angeles, U.S.A

Sao Yi Sao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Riverside Art Museum, Ning Space, Yang Gallery, Beijing, Distance Gallery, Tianjin, Shanghai Peninsula Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Art Beijing,  Beijing, China  

"Tribute to the Classic: Young Artists Invitation Exhibition" The 4th "Small Hand in Big Hand" Charity Exhibition, Manet Art Museum, Beijing, China     

China Neo-Classical Art Association 2014 Exhibition, Shandong Art Gallery, Qingdao, China      

"Jing" Art Appreciation Exhibition of China New-Classical Art Association, Beijing Calamus River Antique Buildings, China     

Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, Shandong Art Gallery, Jinan, Shandong, Zhongchen Art Gallery, China    

"Sigh of the Times" China Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Loft 3 Gallery, Beijing, China

ArtHamptons, New York, U.S.A      

LA Art Show, Los Angeles, U.S.A     

"Edge of Temptation" Group Exhibition, Richard J. Demato Fine Art Gallery, New York, U.S.A

"On the Road" China Young Artists Itinerant Exhibition, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China     

1st Realistic Concept Oil Painting Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China     

China (Linyi) International Art Fair, Linyi, China     

Art Beijing, Beijing, China  


"On the Road" China Young Artists Itinerant Exhibition, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China    

Younger Generation Artists Realistic Paintings, China Neo-Classical Art Associations 2013 Exhibition, Poly Art Museum, Beijing      

"New Figurative Art" China New- Classical Art Association, Siwei Art Museum, Chengdu, Sichuan, China     

"Neo-Classical" Prints Oil Painting Ten People Exhibition, Hunan Normal University College of Fine Arts, Chang Sha, China     

"Start From Here" Chinese Academy Young Artists Exhibition, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China     

Art Beijing, Beijing, China     

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