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Zou Cao

Chinese, b. 1975


Zou Cao holds an MA in Oil Painting from the Academy of Arts, Northeast Normal University and a PhD in Western Philosophy from the Academy of Philosophical and Social Studies, Jilin University. He also holds a post-doc in the Study of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts. His special experience of academic studies and research has infused unique characteristics of con­ceptual art into his artistic creation, which is rich and diverse. They are divided into four major categories according to time and theme.

From 2002 to 2012, Zou's artistic creation is themed on a unique symbol "fingerprints". For nearly 10 years, he had produced 15 series of fingerprint works. His core idea is to adopt the research methodology of 2010 to 2015; focusing on the con­temporary combination of traditional Chinese mentality with modern western art, in pursuit of a Chinese international contemporary artistic school. His efforts were shown in his solo exhibition “The Secret to Clouds and Mountains staged in Today Art Museum”. From 2015 onwards, Zou's developed his science-technology art style, discussing the topic of the possibility of art in our future featuring big data and science and technol­ogy. He has not only produced lots of sci-tech artistic works, but also owned three independent patents of scientific inventions. From 2016 on­wards, Zou's artistic creation not only focuses on the body of traditional art, but also expands to the level of "social sculptures". That year, he made joint efforts with “Today Art Museum and Lenovo ThinkPad” to initiate an in­ternational art navigation project “Self-consciousness / Call for Actions”. In 2017, he took the project to attend the parallel exhibition MODUS of the 57th Venice Biennial and won positive comments worldwide. This ex­hibition was considered by Vogue and Vanity Fair as the most worthy par­allel exhibition during the Biennial. The President of Venice Biennial and the President of the parallel exhibition sent letters of congratulations re­spectively. During the FIFA World Cup in Russia, Zou attended an online video show “New Three-taste Liaozhai” set up by Mr. Liu Jianhong, the famous football anchorer. He was invited to comment on art and football during the 12-series show with 200 million person times video-on-demand. The social sculpture works of Zou are intended to make artistic creation as a transitional methodology instead of an ultimate purpose, so that art can be related with more people and has its own temperature and attitude.

  • Zou Cao has been profoundly recognized and was invited to the grand opening of Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai in June 2013. 

  • Award- winner of the Third Jilin Provincial Youth Art Exhibition, Changchun, China in 2003. Widely Collected all over the world, held solo and group exhibitions in Taiwan, Korea, Austria, Germany, etc. 

  • World famous artist Ai Weiwei has spoken about his admiration of his works and that fact alone adds value to any available pieces on the market. 

  • Had a sell-out exhibition with Art Futures Group in 2014. Zao Cao was in collaboration with IBM ThinkPad in 2015 and 2016, promoting inte­gration of technology and Chinese
    contem­porary art. 

Educations and Background 


Instructor at Fushun Normal College of Art, Liaoning province 


Graduated from Art College of Northeast Normal University - Master's Degree


Instructor at Beijing's Central Academy of Fine Arts University

Doctor Degree of Philosophy at Jilin University 


Graduated from Beijing's Central Academy of Fine Arts University - Postdoctoral degree 

Solo Exhibitions


Being through Nothing, Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China


Yunshan Formula, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China


Fingerprint & Context, ZHC Art Centre, Beijing, China

Strange and Familiar, Art Futures Group, Hong Kong


Art and Commerce, Werkstatt - Galerie Kappich,

Hamburg, Germany

Landscape under the thumb, Michael Schultz Gallery, Beijing, China


Perfect, Michael Schultz Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

Authentic Peerless, Kunsthalle Dresden, Germany


Timeless Classic, Von Lintel Gallery, New York, USA

Identity, Michael Schultz Gallery, Beijing, China

Marilyn Beneath The Middle Finger, Contemporary Art Space, Salzburg, Austria


Fingerprints, Michael Schultz Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

These are only some fingerprints 1, Stiftung Starke Lowenpalais, Berlin, Germany


The New Art That Overtakes Pop - Art, Modern Art Gallery, Taiwan


East is Red, Wellington Gallery, Hong Kong

Decoding the Code of Signs, Pan & Wei Gallery, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions


Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong


"The Illumination of Love and Philanthropy" Charity Art Exhibition, Art Futures Group, Hong Kong


"What Has To Be Done" Art, Environment and Cross Disciplinary

Project, Today Art Museum, Beijing

"Boundless: Ongoing-Chinese Ink Art 2017", Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China

57th Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition, Venice, Italy


'Think' Creates Possibilities In Life, UCCA, Beijing

Humanistic Nature and Society (ShanShui 山水)- An Insight Into The Future, Shanghai Himalayas Museum


Ink Painting and construction of contemporary Chinese art, Chinese

American Museum, San Francisco

Group Exhibitions


The Zero State - 2013 First China Installation Art Biennale, Tianjin Museum, Tianjin 

A New Spirit in Ink-contemporary space ink 2013, Beijing,

MOGA Beijing

Insightful Charisma-Shanghai Himalayas Museum Inaugural Exhibition, Shanghai


Biennale Italia-Cina, Monza, Italy

The Armory Show Art Fair, New York, USA

Art Fair Cologne, Cologne, Germany


The 54th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

Mountains Beyond Mountains - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Enjoy

Museum Beijing, China

Face, Augsburg City Museum, Germany

The Armory Show Art Fair, New York, USA

Eastside - Current Positions of Chinese Art, Michael Schultz Gallery, Berlin, Germany


All the Great Modern Things Chinese Pop, Galerie Schrade · Schlol3 Mochental, Germany 

China Welcomes You, Stadtmuseum Oldenburg, Germany 

Armory Art Fair, New York, USA 


Discovery, Beijing Found Museum 

Art in Superstar, Art Center Hangaram Museum, Seoul, Korea 

All the Great Modern Things - China Total, Kunsthalle Restock, Rostock, Germany 

All the Great Modern Things -Chinese Pop, Kunsthalle 

Dominikanerkirche, Osnabruck, Germany 

Pieces of My Puzzle,Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany 

Chinese Contemporary, Kunsthalle Dresden, Germany

Art History of Miles Away, Beijing 2003 Found Museum 

Lovely Blossoms and Full MoonJ - Yuz Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art, Yu Deyao Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia 


"The diverged Generation" , Art of the late 1970's,

Beijing 798 Art Festival

"Made in Beijing" -  Academy Exhibition, Korean Hong IK University of Modern Fine Arts Museum, Seoul, Korea

Beijing 8S1 Contemporary Museum, 2007 Nomination Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art


Feel comfortable wherever one reaches, 798G allery, Beijing


Video Cola, Jilin college of art museum, Changchun, China

Passing and Merging, 798 Gallery, Beijing


Dialogue between Business and Art - Contemporary art event by proposal Centre, Beijing China


"Measuring between Pupils", Shenzhen Short Film and Video Festival, Shenzhen

"The First Jilin Provincial Oil Painting Exhibition" Far East Art Museum, Changchun, China


China International. The Fourth "OPEN" Performance Festival, 

Changchun, China

"The First Invitational Video Exhibition of China Contemporary", Changchun, China

"The Third Jilin Provincial Youth Art Exhibition" Far East Art Museum,

Changchun, China


The First Biennial Video Exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Sixth National Watercolour and Gouache Exhibition,
Shanghai Museum

Changchun International Independent Video Exhibition, Changchun, China

Bridge -Changchun Contemporary Art, Far East Art Museum, Changchun, China

Dialogue to Yanji, Yanji, China


Liaoning Art Exhibition, Ninth Art Exhibition, Liaoning Museum, Shenyang, China


China celebrating the 50th Year as a Republic, Liaoning Museum, Shenyang, China


Northeast Oil Painting Exhibition, Liaoning Museum,
Shenyang, China


Liaoning Provincial Young Art Exhibition, Liaoning Museum, Shenyang, China


Today Art Museum, Beijing

Yudeyao Museum of Art

Shanghai Art Museum

Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art

Walter Art Museum, Augsburg, Germany

Indonesia Yudeyao Museum of Art, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Pacific Fund Collection

Chinese American Museum, Los Angeles, America

Item02180 - Eternal Memories - Bruce Lee
Item01138 - Peerless Beauty-Marilyn Monr
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